Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms

Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms

The good news: It is hard to go wrong when choosing a wine tasting room to visit in Carmel. The vast majority are family-owned and small-batch focused with quality grapes from outstanding growing regions not far from this adorable Hamlet-by-the-Sea, so you’re getting good juice in every tasting space.

The better news: Local Getaways is making it easier to prioritize what you want to hit. The quality of wine, setting and seating, and also vibe, personality and value have all been taken into consideration. The result is a mix of long-established, newer and always interesting destinations.  

A final dose of encouraging news: After Carmel’s one square mile of incorporated “city” experienced an all out tasting room boom starting around a decade back, dozens of rooms proliferated, all within walking distance. So a perfectly valid alternative way to go about selecting where you want to swirl and sip would be to map which places are closest and go directly there, no guide needed.

Here’s a six pack of welcoming spots, listed in alphabetical order. While Carmel provides an avalanche of worthy wine destinations, it doesn’t do addresses, so cross streets provide the best coordinates.

Featured Photo: Scheid Vineyards, courtesy of Mark C. Anderson
A wine glass filled with red wine and an open bottle labeled "Albatross Ridge Cuvée Vivienne" sit on a polished bar counter. In the background, people are seated and engaging in conversation at the warmly lit Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms.

Albatross Ridge

Dolores between Ocean and 6th, Carmel

Solids: Local breads and olive oils, cheese and charcuterie boards, hummus and pita chips, chocolates truffles 

Liquids: Elegant and old world-style Pinots are a clear strength, but don’t overlook the Chardonnay 

The relatively young family-run operation likes to describe its wines as demonstrating “uncommon beauty and grace,” and they’re not wrong — and the same can be said for its centrally located tasting room and its Carmel stone aesthetic. Grown at 1,250 feet in Carmel Valley, its coastal wind-chilled Pinot Noir is some of the best to be found in a region defined by Pinot — it’s simultaneously lean, delicate and floral. Their new sister tasting spot in Carmel Valley Village is a beautiful locale too. Hours are 12pm to 7pm daily, until 8pm Friday and Saturday, reservations encouraged.

A close-up of a glass of red wine with "De Tierra Vineyards" etched on it. In the blurred background, two people appear to be examining items at a counter in one of the charming Carmel wine tasting rooms. Wine bottles and décor are visible on shelves behind them.

De Tierra Vineyards

Mission and 5th, Carmel

Solids: Charcuterie boxes, BYO food also welcome

Liquids: Rotating wine tasting menu features estate reds and atypical blends and is customizable

Huge picture book windows make the indoor venue and its polished stone bar and lounge seating feel outdoors (there’s also a small patio). Fun and dynamic wines like the estate Russell Vineyard Pinot populate a list of five tastes. Co-owners Alix Bosch and Dan McDonnal hand pour their wine four days a week and help stoke the homespun spirit. But the real stars are the ones wearing vests that say SECURITY in all caps: Freya and Annin, the house doggies who welcome club members, new visitors and other canines alike. They also appear on the labels of the blends, which dedicate a portion of sales to local dog rescue causes. A collection of recent contest medals hang from current vintages, and another impressive award awaits: 2020 Winery of the Year at 2021’s Monterey Wine Competition. Hours are 1pm to 6pm Monday through Thursday, and 1pm to 7pm Friday through Sunday.

A display of nine wine bottles mounted on the wall under a "Lepe Cellars Monterey County" sign is seen on the left. On the right, an art gallery with various sculptures and artworks scattered throughout the space evokes the charm found in Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms.

Lepe Cellars

Winfield Gallery, Dolores Street between Ocean and 7th, Carmel

Solids: Visitors are welcome to bring in sensible food; LC recommends La Bicyclette pizza from across the street 

Liquids: Dry, light and ever-changing local varietals sourced with sustainable partners who grow in small amounts 

Carmel-by-the-Sea’s newest tasting room can claim one of the region’s few winemakers under 40, and fewer still who are Latinx. Miguel Lepe’s gift for the craft — and range with which he applies it — are revealed by a choice of four tastes from seven options skirting from a flower blossom Carmel Valley Chardonnay to a spicy Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot to a savory San Antonio Valley Petit Verdot. A nice bonus: The modest and stylish tasting surface shares space with one of Carmel’s cooler art galleries. Hours are 1pm to 7pm daily.

A wall-mounted wine rack holding multiple bottles of wine is displayed. The rack has three columns with various bottles arranged horizontally. The wine colors range from red and rosé to white, each with a visible label, reminiscent of selections found in Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms.

Manzoni Cellars

#4 Hampton Court, 7th between San Carlos and Dolores

Solids: Charcuterie boxes are available, and outside food is also welcome

Liquids: A far-ranging lineup of around a half dozen expressions go light and bright whites to bigger and bolder reds

Owner-operators Sabrina and Mark Manzoni are often present to help elevate a welcoming atmosphere that’s notably popular among locals. A sizable patio, pretty tasting bar and various seating areas provide a setting for sips that swoop from new Arroyo Seco Sauvignon Blanc to Santa Lucia Highland estate Pinot to a cuvée Bordeaux blend, with highlights including — but not limited to — the cool-climate SLH Syrah that’s required try. Hours are 12pm to 6pm daily, tentatively closed Tuesday and Wednesday in winter.

A wine glass with red wine is in the foreground, bearing the "Scheid Vineyards" logo. The background, reminiscent of Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms, is filled with shelves of various wine bottles, slightly out of focus. Sunlight softly illuminates the scene.

Scheid Vineyards

San Carlos and 7th, Carmel

Solids: While Scheid’s South County sister tasting space serves food, Carmel’s does not

Liquids: A versatile tasting list flows from a signature sparkling to a flagship GSM, with many stops in-between

This spot earns top billing from area residents for a social atmosphere born of stylish stave-built tables and chairs, a long tasting bar, and friendly/educational staff. The diversity of varietals doesn’t hurt either: After 50 years (as of 2022), Scheid’s 4,000 South Monterey County acres furnish a range of soils, climates and conditions to produce roughly 40 varieties that range from area standards (note the quality Pinots) to grapes less common around these parts (think Dolcetto and Roussanne). Hours are 11am to 6pm daily, until 7pm Friday and Saturday, reservations recommended.

A framed poster of the film "Eraser" featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger is mounted on a wooden shelf filled with wine bottles, reminiscent of Carmel Wine Tasting Rooms. Below the poster are small bags of snacks, a flyer, and a chalkboard sign that reads, "Thank You from Our Members!

Silvestri Vineyards

7th between San Carlos and Dolores, Carmel

Solids: Bring-your-own snacks are welcome

Liquids: An increasingly famous and widening selection of locally sown wines star Chardonnays, Pinots and Syrahs, but also interesting big reds

While Carmel is lucky enough to enjoy a wealth of compelling tasting venues, nowhere in the world presents an experience quite like Silvestri. Here dozens of movie posters — who the namesake owner composed the soundtracks for — appear on the walls and scroll by on a digital screen, from The Avengers: Endgame to Forrest Gump. The digital marquee sits surrounded by polished wood racks filled with a prestigious and tasty family of wines, some named for family members, with the Italian heritage to match. They do Central Coast’s greatest hits with aplomb (to reiterate, it is a Pinot and Chardonnay show in this part of the world), but also dip into varietals that are atypical around here, like the full-bodied Barbera, the first of its kind cultivated on the Central Coast. Hours are 12pm to 6pm daily.

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