Where to Find the Best Shave Ice Near and Around Princeville, Hanalei, and Kilauea

Where to Find the Best Shave Ice Near and Around Princeville, Hanalei, and Kilauea

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The snowy treat known as shave ice (not “shaved”) came to Hawaiʻi with Japanese and Okinawan immigrants who started working on the islands’ sugar plantations in the late 1860s. By the mid-20th century, the modern version with its rainbow of flavors and additions such as ice cream and “snowcaps” of sweetened condensed milk was typically found at humble Japanese-American grocery stores such as M. Matsumoto on Oahu’s North Shore. Today, expect even more flavors, gourmet natural syrups, options such as chewy mochi balls or sweet red adzuki beans. Here are our favorite spots near and around Princeville, Hanalei, and Kilauea for Hawaii’s signature cold treat.

But wait, there’s more. We’re here to help demystify some of the unusual words you might see on menus like furikake, laulau and lilikoi — and explain which meat is being served and why. And possibly most importantly of all, provide the fun facts on the origins of local dishes

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Featured photo: Courtesy of Wishing Well Shave Ice 

Close-up of a shave ice dessert on a white dish, featuring pink, white, and green colors, with two white spoons inserted into it. The background showcases the brightly colored yellow sign of "JoJo's," renowned for offering the best shave ice in Princeville and Hanalei.
Photo: Jojo's Shave Ice

Jojo's Shave Ice

Fresh ingredients and large portions for a great price! At Jojo’s, the size options are Da Kine (28oz) or Big Kahuna (40oz). They have 16 flavor combinations, but if you’d like to invent your own, go for it! You’ll just need to decide your favorite mix of flavors, ice cream and toppings. Additional locations in Waimea and Coconut Market Place. The Hanalei location is open daily 12am to 7pm.

Outdoor view of Kīnaʻole Surf Club, a restaurant with a stone facade and a "Fish Market" sign above the door. Two covered tables are in front, along with some greenery to the left. Several customers, enjoying what many call the best shave ice in Hanalei, are dining in the shaded area behind.
Photo: Courtesy of hawaiianislands.com

Kilauea Fish Market

Located right outside this fish market is shaved ice — whether you get a meal first, or come only for their shave ice, it’ll be worth your time. There are a variety of flavors, most of which are traditional for shave ice. kilaueafishmarket.com  

A close-up of a colorful shaved ice dessert in a white bowl, held in someone's hand. The shaved ice, reminiscent of the best shave ice in Princeville or Hanalei, is predominantly red with splashes of white and hints of blue and orange. The background is slightly blurred, showing people and an outdoor setting.
Photo: Courtesy of Wishing Well Shave Ice

Wishing Well Shave Ice

You can’t miss this colorful food truck with the wooden roof. The space may be small but Wishing Well is scooping locally sourced goodness to fill up your cup. They focus on local and sustainable here, so you know your cones and utensils are all Earth friendly. It’s a delicious treat you can feel good about. Open daily from 9:30am to 5pm. 

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