Princeville Kauai Annual Events

Princeville Kauai Annual Events

The north shore of Kauai holds some of the most iconic restaurants on the island. Beyond the shopping centres, golfing courses and views off the pier, here are a few of our favourite events throughout the year.

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Princeville Kauai, Annual Events, Princeville Night Market
Photo Courtesy of Princeville Night Market Instagram


Held on the second of each month, the Princeville Night Market attracts local artists and craftsmen from all around the island. From photographers to jewelers to quilters and more. If you happen to be hungry, they have a great selection of food from trucks to fine dining within the mall. 

Princeville Kauai, Annual Events, Full Moon Night Market
Photo Courtesy of Princeville Full Moon Night Market


You won’t want to miss out on this elusive art fair! This arrangement known as the Full Moon Night Market welcomes artists of all kinds. Kauai’s Kawaiola Production supports the production of live art and fire dancing, to ensure a remarkable experience for all guests.

Princeville Kauai, Annual Events, Ahi Lele Fireshow
Photo Courtesy of Anaina Hou Instagram


Welcome the summer with a splash of tradition! The Porter Pavilion presents their annual Ahi Lele Fire Show throughout the months of June to August, including an elaborate buffet dinner. Its a fiery sight you won’t want to miss out on!

Do you prefer to kick off the summer with a physical challenge? Join the Hanalei Canoe Club’s annual Ha’ena to Hanalei Run! In only 8-miles, you can spend the morning exploring from Ke’e Beach to Hanalei Pier. Before treading along the beautiful north coast, the Club offers a pancake breakfast for the early risers and a separate event for your children to enjoy!

Princeville Kauai, Annual Events, Princeville Botanical Garden, Keiki Program
Photo Courtesy of Princeville Botanical Gardens Facebook


If you have children between the ages of 5 to 14 interested in the ecosystems of tropical islands, the Princeville Botanical Garden provides the perfect occasion for them to explore this interest. They host an annual Summer Garden Exploratory Camp to foster children’s passion in plant life through a series of workshops and crafts. The Princeville Garden also hosts a family-friendly Chocolate tour, all year round, which allows for families to explore Kauai’s sweets staples. 

Theres no better way to spend the afternoon than with a little friendly competition. Participants from around the world come to Kauai just to participate in the Annual Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge. This open water event is perfect for families with their 5 fun-filled races, with off the pier swim challenges for Keiki too.

A man and a child participate in an outdoor obstacle course at one of the Princeville Kauai Annual Events. The child, wearing an orange shirt, blue cap, and sneakers, is jumping off a wooden structure while the man in black athletic wear climbs behind him. Green grass and trees are in the background.


Bring your family to the Annual Ohana Fit Fest! The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation presents a 5k run with obstacles, breathtaking views around the shoreside and path through the heart of Prince Albert Park. Donations raised throughout the race will be supporting local communities such as Kauai’s North Shore Elementary school’s fitness programs.


North Shore Artists present their diverse compositions, from paintings to sculptures at the annual Princeville Community Fine Arts Exhibition. Located in the Princeville Community Centre, the exhibition will allow for an exclusive look into Kauai’s up and coming artists. With the reintroduction of their live shows, the atmosphere is sure to be lively!

A group of people in festive holiday attire, including a Santa costume and elf outfits, are standing with bicycles. The bikes are adorned with lights and decorations. Palm trees and a small hut are in the background, capturing the essence of Princeville Kauai Annual Events in a tropical setting.


The Princeville Christmas Bicycle Parade is the perfect way to celebrate your holiday cheer. Everyone will be gathering at the Princeville Community Association lot with their choice of golfcarts, scooters and of course bicycles. This is a nonsponsored parade of lights, so dress up and join the residents of Princeville in their festive tradition.

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