Where to Find the Best Happy Hour in Wailea

Where to Find the Best Happy Hour in Wailea

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 In Hawaiʻi, the expression “pau hana” is often interchanged with the phrase “happy hour,” and translates to “work is finished.” It refers to a conscious decision to leave any worries behind and enjoy free time. The essence of “pau hana” encourages visitors to put down their phone and relax in the company of others over drinks and pupus (appetizers). Here are some of the top spots to find the best happy hour in Wailea.

But wait, there’s more. We’re here to help demystify some of the unusual words you might see on menus like furikake, laulau and lilikoi — and explain which meat is being served and why. And possibly most importantly of all, provide the fun facts on the origins of local dishes

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A plated dish featuring a fillet of roasted fish garnished with microgreens, served over a scoop of mashed potatoes and sautéed greens, surrounded by clams in a yellow sauce. Perfect after enjoying the best happy hour in Wailea!
Photo: @5palmsrestaurant

5 Palms Restaurant

Offering a menu of fresh local fish and produce, 5 Palms boasts breathtaking coastline views as well as a Bloody Mary that’s like a meal and a drink in one. There are two times to catch happy hour every day — 3pm to 5pm and a late night option from 9 pm to 10pm. Open 7am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 9pm. Happy hour is daily 3pm to 5pm and 9pm to 10pm.  5palmsrestaurant.com

A wooden plate featuring sliced purple potatoes, grilled pineapple, and a veggie-topped dish is displayed on large banana leaves, evoking the tropical vibes of Kaanapali Lahaina and Kapalua. Surrounding are smaller dishes including salt, pepper, and a flower garnish, all set on a dark tablecloth background.
Photo: @fsmaui

Four Seasons Lobby Lounge

Certain aspects of hospitality can upgrade a decent experience to a “can’t-miss” experience — for instance, complimentary valet parking, live music and of course, special prices. The Four Seasons Lobby Lounge has all of those perks, plus legendary service. Open 5pm to 10:30pm, with a hula show at sunset and live music 5:30pm to 10:30pm. fourseasons.com

A top-view of a colorful meal spread featuring various dishes, including deviled eggs, a kale and orange salad, a plate with lettuce, carrot sticks, and a small pot of minced meat, chicken wings, garlic sauce, and lime wedges—all perfect for the best happy hour in Wailea—set on a dark textured surface.
Photo: Courtesy of Monkeypod Kitchen

Monkeypod Kitchen

An abundance of beers on tap—served at the optimal temperature—and a menu that serves everything from hand-tossed pizzas cooked in a kiawe wood-burning oven to fresh local fish make this spot a happy hour heaven. The sunsets are also astounding. Open 11am to 10pm with a daily happy hour 3:30pm to 5pm. monkeypodkitchen.com

A round wooden outdoor table set with three empty glasses, two menus, and a small vase with pink flowers awaits at the best happy hour in Wailea. The table is accompanied by a cushioned bench with striped pillows, overlooking a lush green lawn and sea view in the background.
Photo: @morimotomaui

Morimoto Maui

Sure, the Craigslist casual encounter section has closed down, but its spirit is alive and well at Morimoto Maui. Peruse the drink specials while scoping out someone special for yourself. The epic sunsets create quite the vibe. Open every day 12pm to 8pm. morimotomaui.com

A lineup of five different beers in various glassware is arranged on a wooden barrel. The glasses display logos from different breweries, with the beer colors ranging from dark red to light yellow. In the background, a blurred outdoor seating area hints at the best happy hour in Wailea.
Photo: @thepintandcork

The Pint and Cork

There’s a certain mystique to locals-only spots. A forbidden lure, if you will. The Pint and Cork is a rare example of a local favorite that doesn’t ice out visitors. Expect an upscale gastropub vibe here. Order the Shishito peppers, an old-fashioned and kick back. Open daily 12pm to 11pm. Happy hour is daily 12pm to 5pm. They’d be grateful for the opportunity to fill your tummy with a cold one and a nice bite to eat. thepintandcork.com

Two hands holding colorful, tiki-style ceramic cups with intricate designs, perfect for the best happy hour in Wailea. One cup is turquoise with a dolphin, the other green with "Tommy Bahama Live the Island Life," both topped with cherries and tropical garnishes. A floral fabric is beneath.
Photo: @tommybahamarestaurant

Tommy Bahama

It’s a sad but true part of life — good service often comes at a cost. Here, however, you can have  high quality drinks and pupus at a great value AND great service. Rum drinks like the Crazy Cuban and Painkiller are known crowd pleasers. Happy hour is every day 2pm to 5pm. Open 12pm to 8pm every day. tommybahama.com

Two people clink glasses filled with cocktails over a table set with delicious dishes, including a lemon wedge, edamame, and a seafood dish. The casual atmosphere of the best happy hour in Wailea is captured in this tightly cropped shot focusing on their hands, drinks, and food.
Photo: @fairmonthotels


Described as the perfect mix of luxury and comfort, this lounge has it all—great views, knowledgeable and attentive staff, fantastic drinks and even games to pass the time. Ask the bartender for advice when ordering, but even blind guesses from the menu won’t disappoint. The Bar is open from 4pm to 10pm daily and food is served from 5pm to 10pm daily. fairmont.com

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