Best Spa and Wellness Hotels on the Monterey Peninsula

Best Spa and Wellness Hotels on the Monterey Peninsula

The best hotels for wellness in Monterey, Big Sur and Carmel offer unique opportunities for restorative getaways, whether it’s treating yourself to spa treatments, practicing yoga on a picturesque hilltop or basking in a hot tub after a day of mindfulness and meditation. Their offerings of locally sourced food and wine can also have a rejuvenating effect. Click through the posts below to see our picks for the best spa and wellness hotels on the Monterey Peninsula by region. 

Featured photo courtesy of Ventana Big Sur

Monterey Spa and Wellness Hotels

Bathtubs and spa seen in hotel room at the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California
Photo courtesy of Monterey Plaza Hotel.

Carmel Spa and Wellness Hotels

Hot tub on the patio of a hotel room at Bernardus Spa in Carmel, California.
Photo courtesy of Bernardus Lodge & Spa.

Big Sur Spa and Wellness Hotels

Woman sits in spa bathtub overlooking the hills of Monterey Peninsula from her hotel room at Ventana in Big Sur, California
Photo courtesy of Ventana Big Sur.

Santa Cruz Spa and Wellness Hotels

A crowded pool and beach at the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz, California.
Photo courtesy of Dream Inn.

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