Best Hotels in Big Sur for Group Getaways

Best Hotels in Big Sur for Group Getaways

Divinity professor H.E. Luccock was not standing on the cliffs of Big Sur when he said, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it,” but he was channeling the spirit of assembling a team — perhaps in a beautiful place like this — when he had that helpful revelation. Here assemble some great spots to make symphonic collaboration on the South Coast.  

Featured photo: Courtesy of Esalen

Three people are sitting on wooden chairs placed in the middle of a shallow river surrounded by lush trees, reminiscent of scenes from Big Sur hotels. The chairs face forward with small tables in front. The person on the left appears to be eating or drinking, while others are conversing and enjoying the scenic view.
Photo by Karen D'Souza.

Big Sur Lodge

Nestled in the solar plexus of the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, BSL plays the South Coast hits — redwoods, river, wilderness and hospitality — by way of memorable hikes, a worthy restaurant and rustic rooms that blend with the woods.

One of its less-obvious strengths is its experienced expertise with bigger gatherings, from company retreats to weddings to family reunions.

Meeting venues like the Santa Lucia Room work for groups of a dozen — or 10 times that. Indoor and outdoor settings are both available. Business-friendly appointments like projection screens and lecterns stand ready for action. And the seasoned catering staff can do barbecues, high-end dining affairs and craft beer parties.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Lodge’s central location enjoys convenient proximity to many of Big Sur’s most popular destinations, some within the park’s boundaries, and a general store that’s a must-visit for stylish souvenirs and travel sundries alike. 

A modern, curved white building sits on the edge of a rugged cliffside overlooking the ocean. The sun sets, casting a warm glow over the landscape. This stunning sight could easily be part of the ultimate guide to Big Sur, where lush greenery and rocky terrain blend nature with innovative architecture.
Photo courtesy of Treebones Resort.

Glen Oaks Big Sur

You could say the angular art aesthetic that runs throughout Glen Oaks rivals the natural wonder around it, but it would be more accurate to say it dovetails with Mother Nature’s designs.

Attention to detail also finds expression in relaxing ways, whether that’s walk-in showers, natural wool blankets, earthy bath products or feather duvets. 

Similar attention also attends special events, with staff attuned to what makes a wedding maximum magical (business groups, not so much, as there aren’t meeting halls), and the grounds — featuring around 30 unique cabins, houses and cottages — to accommodate parties of varying intimacy.

HIGHLIGHTS: Three words: complimentary homemade donuts. That’s a primary highlight at Big Sur Roadhouse, which remains one of the better kept culinary secrets of the area, with  breakfast and lunch served daily.

Two wooden lounge chairs with cushions are positioned on a wooden deck, facing an expansive view of the calm ocean. A small side table between the chairs holds a glass of water, with a tree and lush greenery nearby under a clear blue sky—a scene reminiscent of tranquil California spa retreats.
Photo: Courtesy of Ventana Big Sur

Ventana Big Sur

The singular resort that is Ventana rolls out a wealth of group-friendly spaces that maximize the setting. 

The secluded Sky Terrace embraces redwood forest, ocean and meadow views, the Sur Vista terrace gives ceremonies a natural spirituality, and The Sur House can make a case for the most stunning plaza the South Coast has, which is saying something — and all can be catered by the award-winning kitchen team.

While they do customize to individual whims — with a dedicated “leisure concierge” on staff — Ventana specializes in scaling activities with precision, including corporate retreats and weddings, and immersive activities like beekeeping, cocktail making with a visit to the chef’s garden, and nocturnal endeavors like celestial yoga and “astrophotography.”

It’s deservedly on our list of top luxuryromance and wellness hotels in the region, too. 

HIGHLIGHT: While California Coastal Commission rules mean the glamping grounds below aren’t available for organized group work, they are a glorious place to hike and commune with ancient redwood relatives.

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