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British DJ duo Ali Holme and Adam Davies spent their formative years living parallel lives in the UK club scene, then both emerged as successful DJs with gigs at bars, clubs and festivals across the UK, Europe and U.S. In a twist of fate, the pair met for the first time in Marin County last year, but immediately felt like brothers separated at birth. They joined forces, each bringing over 30 years each of experience in the music world, to form West Coast Good Times, a music curation and DJ/events company based in Mill Valley. These self-professed crate diggers, record collectors, and music obsessives bring the spirit of UK club culture to the West Coast and have been spinning across the Bay Area and City. 

“There’s no one like us in the area,” explains Adam. “We bring a European sensibility to the West Coast that we love, our parties are like being in Ibiza. Forget that vanilla EDM you find in commercial nightclubs. Our vibe is soulful and our beats are deep and funky with lots of vocals.”

Ali adds, “Deep disco best describes our sound. It’s a decadent mix of deep house and disco edits and it’s totally
dance floor focused.”

The two are now hosting their successful Deep Disco nights at The Battery in San Francisco as the new resident DJs. Delivering, bright, uplifting dance beats on First Fridays. They have performed at luxe events for brands like Mercedes, Audi, Lacoste, Pepe Jeans, Gap, Modus BPCM, and Silver Seas Yachts.

Photo: Courtesy of West Coast Good Times

And yes, they’d love to perform and curate the perfect playlist for your next private event, charity gala, store opening or product launch — but their knowledge and keen musical sensibility goes much deeper than that.

With access to over 58 million licensed tracks, Ali and Adam are experts at music curation to elevate brands and in-house experiences. “Our custom playlists are built by humans for humans,” says Ali. “Large, corporate media companies are dragging and dropping algorithms and playlists from streaming services. They are not curating the music specifically for the client or brand’s needs, values and style,” says Ali.

The duo prides themselves as being hyper-specific when it comes to designing music for their clients and are passionate about working with local businesses. They meet face to face, explore the space, the vibe, the people and product. Whether it’s a hotel, bar, restaurant, retail, showroom, or gym or wherever their clients’ customers are spending time. 

For their most recent client Club Evexia — a 20,000-square foot gym, members lounge and co-working space — they worked closely with the owners to build three zones of music, each with a different mood and playlist. “There’s no effort on the client’s part,” says Adam. “We schedule every minute of the day to fit the scene, and different soundscapes evolve across the day.”

Sure, we all know that music sets the mood and the tone, but it’s also scientifically proven to keep people in spaces longer, improve mood and ultimately sales, along with creating a deeper connection between a brand and its customers. 

“Ali and I have been buying music for over 30 years,” Adam notes. “And have an in-depth knowledge of artists and genres. We specialize in creating custom soundscapes to fit any brand, adding value to their business.” Once the duo understand a brand’s values and style they select samples and evolve the playlist together with the client whether its relaxing tunes, elements of nostalgia or modern and fresh beats that engage the brand’s demographic. 

Never underestimate the power of music — to elicit joy, create memories, uplift and transform a space or party. These dedicated music men are ready to deliver Good Times to the West Coast.

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For more information email info@westcoastgoodtimes or visit www.westcoastgoodtimes.com

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