Post Wildfire; How to Help West Maui Restaurants

Post Wildfire; How to Help West Maui Restaurants

West Maui will be recovering from the wildfires that devastated Lāhainā for years to come. Businesses of all sorts, including the upwards of 40 restaurants that provided employment for the people who lived in or near the town are no longer in operation or temporarily closed. If these businesses don’t survive Maui’s food choices will be limited to big chains that don’t reflect the vibrancy of the Maui community.

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To help support those impacted by the losses and ensure a unique culinary future on Maui, the Hawaii Restaurant Association has created an easy platform to donate and support restaurants directly affected or are donating proceeds to relief efforts. 

Hawaii Restaurant Association:

Lahaina Strong is a one-stop shop online marketplace designed to help businesses on Maui thrive and rebuild after the Lahaina Fire.  

Lahaina Strong

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