Magic Island Beach, Oahu

Back in 1964, a small man-made peninsula was built across from Ala Moana Beach Park. Although its current name is Aina Moana, people still refer to it by its original name of Magic Island. The original vision for this peninsula was a resort, but instead it was developed as a public beach park. Magic Island Beach on Oahu sits at the end of the peninsula and draws in many spectators for its renowned Fourth of July fireworks show.

Water sports: If you are looking for a peaceful place away from the crowds of Waikiki, Magic Island is a perfect spot. Swimming is popular here because of the long stretches of reef-protected water. However, if you are looking to swog, be sure to bring water shoes.

Shade: Magic Island’s shoreline is backed by trees and an expansive grassy area. It is a popular drop spot for picnics.

Food: Once in awhile, there will be food trucks parked along the street: but considering you are near one of the best food courts on the planet (Ala Moana Shopping Center), plan to bring a picnic, or just eat there.

Parking: A large lot provides plenty of parking or you can opt for the street.

Shannon Carroll

Shannon Carroll

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