The Best Activities on Kauai

The Best Activities on Kauai

Kauai, known as the “Garden Isle,” is the westernmost and geographically oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. Formed by the volcanoes Kaiwaikini and Mount Waialeale about 5 million years ago, half of Kauai’s coastline has eroded into gorgeous sandy beaches. Highlights include the 25 miles of Na Pali coast with 4,000-foot dramatic sea cliffs and the Alaka’i swamp with an average of 37.5 feet of rain per year, making it one of the wettest places on the planet.

Experience its lush environment from the sky with a helicopter tour; from under the sea while snorkeling; by hiking its ridges and canyons; or by soaking up the sun on its beaches. Whatever you do, be mindful about your activities and help preserve Kauai’s natural beauty.

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