Fagan’s Cross Hike

Fagan’s Cross Hike

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If you are staying in Hana, especially at Travaasa Hana, walking to the cross is a must. The path is fully paved and just steep enough to feel like you’ve burned some calories. The twenty foot (my guess) cross with a lava veneer was erected in honor of Paul I. Fagan, a  San Franciscan entrepreneur.

Many credit Fagan with helping the town of Hana recover in the 1930s after the sugar plantations closed. He built the first hotel, now the site of Travaasa Hana, and even brought his baseball team the San Francisco Seals to Hana for spring training.  I doubt there is a connection, but I can’t help to think Fagan might have had something to do with this popular pastime, which is thriving here in Hana.

Name of Trail or Hike: Fagan’s Cross

Miles: 2.4 round trip (about 30 minutes of walking on a paved trail)

Area or Town: Hana, Maui



Historical Importance:

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