Top Snorkeling Tours on Kauai

Snorkeling tours on Kauai combine luxury and adventure, and offer one of the best ways to explore Kauai’s marine life. In the water you will encounter a wide array of tropical fish, green sea turtles (honu), spinner dolphins (nai’a) and beautiful coral reefs. Snorkeling tours will take you through sea caves and marine life sanctuaries, and provide meals, drinks, and entertainment. Here is a list of our top snorkeling tours on Kauai.

Note: When getting in the water and swimming through the reefs, please be respectful of marine life by wearing reef-safe sunscreen and by not touching or removing any coral. We all want to keep Hawaiian reefs and marine life healthy and beautiful for decades to come. Mahalo!

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Capt Andy's Na Pali Expedition – Sea Caves, Snorkel & Beach Landing

Check-in: Kikaola Harbor
Price: Starting at $290

Enjoy an ocean rafting expedition around the Na Pali coast. This 6-hour adventure takes you through sea caves, stops for snorkeling in a thriving reef ecosystem and offers dolphin sightings. If weather permits, Captain Andy’s tour will bring you to Nu‘alolo Kai, a remote beach where you can hike to the ruins of an 800-year-old Hawaiian fishing village.

Makana Charters — Small Group Scenic Kauai Na Pali Coast Tour

Check-in: Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor
Price: Starting at $192

Experience Kauai’s top attraction on a 5-hour Na Pali coast cruise. Get close to sea caves and the majestic cliffs, weather permitting, enjoy snorkeling among the abundant marine life. A great small-group ocean adventure!

Liko Kauai Cruises — Na Pali Coast Boat Tour & Sea Cave Adventure

Check-in: Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor
Price: Starting at $160

Explore the beautiful Na Pali coast with Liko Kauai Cruises, a local company with native guides. Board the Na Pali Kai III catamaran to explore hidden sea caves, visit the ancient village Nualolo Kai, and snorkel among the abundant sea life of Kauai.

Captain Andy's Na Pali Coast Snorkel Sail Cruise (from Port Allen)

Check-in: Port Allen Marina Center
Price: Starting at $215
Enjoy views of the Na Pali coast on a 6-hour sailing cruise featuring breakfast, snorkeling, a BBQ lunch and an open bar. During the cruise you will see views of the sea cliffs and waterfalls that carve into the coastline. This cruise is perfect for families, friends or couples.

Voyage to Niihau & Na Pali Coast Premier Snorkel Cruise

Check-in: Port Allen Marina Center
Price: Starting at $290
Embark on the Holo Holo premier snorkeling cruise for an extra sense of adventure. This snorkel cruise is the only boat to sail from the Na Pali coast to the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau and also Lehua Crater. Niihau and Lehua Island are sanctuaries for Hawaiian wildlife, making them the perfect destinations for snorkeling. This 8-hour tour includes breakfast, lunch and an open bar.

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