4 Ways to Sustainably Travel in Healdsburg

4 Ways to Sustainably Travel in Healdsburg

Healdsburg’s charm extends far beyond world-class wines and picturesque landscapes. Nestled in the heart of Sonoma County, this vibrant town is also a champion of sustainability, offering travelers the chance to indulge responsibly and leave a positive footprint. So, ditch the guilt and embrace the joy of eco-conscious exploration with these four key ways to experience Healdsburg sustainably.

Many of Healdsburg’s wineries prioritize sustainable practices that, not only respect the environment, but more importantly the local community that surrounds them.

Silver Oak Winery ensures states that ‘operating with a thoughtful approach at every step of the winemaking process is not only the right thing to do; it results in better wines.’ They are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certified, which is the highest level of certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. They utilize solar panels, treat wastewater for reuse, and prioritize locally sourced materials. Their commitment extends to water conservation, responsible waste management, and eco-friendly packaging.

Silver Oak Winery
Silver Oak Winery

Preston Farm & Winery prioritizes soil health by practicing cover cropping and composting to replace chemical fertilizers. They focus on environmental diversity and avoiding monocultures with natural pest control; ‘Healthy farming is a community.’ Their land has evolved from an emphasis on wine alone to diversified crops including vineyards, vegetables, fruit and olive trees, grain, and pastured livestock.

Medlock Ames embraces biodynamic and organic farming practices, fostering a healthy ecosystem for their vines. They utilize gravity flow winemaking to minimize energy consumption and prioritize sustainable packaging.

These are just a few from the many wineries that are located throughout Healdsburg that are doing their part in practicing sustainability and actively working to protect the environment.

At Second Story of Little Saint, sustainability is paramount, with a focus on showcasing seasonal produce from Little Saint Farm. Through a set menu of curated courses and a beverage program aimed at minimizing waste, guests enjoy a culinary experience that celebrates nature’s imperfections while promoting sustainability.

Barndiva prioritizes sustainability through local sourcing, partnering with eco-conscious farmers, minimizing waste, and responsible packaging. They promote local agriculture, reduce their environmental impact, and actively support the community.

A colorful assortment of fresh produce and ingredients arrayed on black rectangular trays, all set against a dark rustic background. Items include greens, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, a lobster, a ribeye steak, herb bundles, and small potted flowers. Visit Healdsburg for this sustainable display of local delights.

This LEED Gold-certified hotel embodies innovative eco-design. Featuring a living roof, recycled materials, solar panels, and low-flow fixtures, h2 minimizes its environmental footprint while offering modern comfort.

Harmon Guest House Terrace
H2 Hotel

This chic boutique hotel champions sustainability with energy-efficient lighting, low—flow fixtures, and in-room recycling. Their rooftop terrace offers stunning views and locally sourced breakfast options.

Hotel Healdsburg integrates sustainability through water conservation, energy efficient practices, and local sourcing. Their on-site gardens provide fresh ingredients for the restaurant and guest can enjoy complimentary bikes to explore the town!

Our amazing dining establishments and beautiful hotels throughout Healdsburg are not only offering the community and visitors amazing places to enjoy, but they are making a more sustainable future for Healdsburg as a whole.

3. Pedal Power

Ditch the gas and embrace greener ways to explore Healdsburg!

Bike wine tour
  • Bike wine tours: Opt for invigorating bike wine tours with Getaway Adventures, soaking in fresh air, getting in that daily exercise and experience a unique wine tasting experience via bikes!
  • Discover Healdsburg’s walkable charm & pop into local shops, find places to eat and enjoy our Healdsburg Plaza!
  • Rent an electric car and enjoy your wine tour the sustainable way in a luxury all-electric car with Healdsburg Tours. 

4. Enjoy Healdsburg’s Natural Beauty

Hiking trail

Healdsburg is known for world-class wines and its charming flair, but its landscapes are just as rewarding. If you’re looking to travel while keeping sustainability top of mind, then add hiking and a touch of urban exploration to your itinerary while in town. Experience the Healdsburg Ridge Preserve, Badger Park, and so many more trails to soak up the sun and savor the beautiful views around our destination. For a walkable adventure, explore the Foss Creek Trail. Nearly all of the hotels in town connect to this path lined with public art pieces, taking you from the north end of town, through the middle of downtown, and down to the Russian River. Or, paddle down the Russian River with Russian River Adventures, where you’ll likely catch glimpses of diverse wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of the waters.

Get ready to redefine your Healdsburg experience, where indulgence and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Book your stay and embark on a sustainable adventure in Healdsburg!

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