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Unless you’re bringing your own boat to Hana, the best way to catch fish is to do what many of the long-time locals do and use a bamboo pole or a throw net. Both methods, when employed with the skills honed over thousands of years, are quite effective. Andrew Park at the Travassa Hotel Hana, a fourth generation resident, has fished these waters for nearly five decades and does his best to teach new comers said skills. Andrew is an excellent teacher, it’s the pupils ability to listen that might hinder the hunt. Here are three most important hints we learned when fishing with a bamboo pole or throw net:

  1. Don’t eat bananas. Eating a banana before going fishing in considered bad luck. Some say this goes for banana bread too, which is a big deal given the abundance of banana bread stands on the road to Hana. As long as we’re talking superstition, whistling is a no-no as well.
  2. Practice patience. If you haven’t heard, the pace in Hana is slooooow, one of its many great qualities. Being patient comes easily in Hana. Extending this quality to fishing will improve your chances of catching and more importantly, your fun.
  3. Give the first catch back. Throwing your first catch back shows reverence to the power and spirits of the ocean.

Feature Photo: Mimi Towle

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