Compostable and Planet-Friendly Picnic Essentials

Compostable and Planet-Friendly Picnic Essentials

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There’s nothing better than traveling to explore the gorgeous scenery mother nature has to offer. Some basic tips to make your travel as eco-conscious as possible are bring reusable containers, recycle what you can, aim for zero waste, and finally pack your trash, or any other thing that wasn’t there before. These are some compostable and plant-friendly picnic essentials to keep our footprint as small as possible as we explore.

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As one of the best compostable utensils on the market, TwentyFifty™ forks are not only a staple for picnics, but a must-have in your car, backpack, or any other travel accessory. Most compostable utensils are made with bio-plastics, which aren’t really biodegradable. Even wood and bamboo utensils require chemical treatments and commercial-grade compost processes to break down. TwentyFifty™ forks are produced using sustainable processes and are derived from natural grains. They biodegrade in any outdoor environment in a number of days, taking the guilt out of single-use.

ReCool Igloo Cooler

This biodegradable cooler is reusable, lightweight, big enough to hold plenty of drinks and snacks, and, best yet, is made from biodegradable materials. Composed of recycled paper and AKD (a biodegradable organic compound) and priced at $9.99 per 16 QT container is the perfect environmentally friendly travel essential.

Compostable Cooler, Igloo, Biodegradable

CUNYA Travel Utensil Set

When you’re on the go you always have to be prepared for the next.. soup, salad, steak.. with these non-toxic BPA free and reusable utensils. This set is the perfect travel item to have at the ready. Kiss to-go single use plastic utensils goodbye and mother nature hello ;).

bioGo Reusable Coffee Cup

Not only a travel essential, but a life essential, a reusable mug holds your drinks (hot or cold) and eliminates the need for single use cups. bioGo’s products are non-toxic, BPA free, are made from rice husks, and fit into the circular economy. Even more, 10% of proceeds are donated to beach cleanups. Drink in style and sustainably as your travel.

LARQ Self Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This reusable water bottle not only is sleek, stylish, a great replacement for single use water bottles, but for those of us slight germ a fobes out there, the blue light self cleaning feature neutralizes bacteria and viruses to ensure fresh safe drinking water 100% of the time. A single charge lasts up to 1 month.


Ourshine Reusable Travel Bottles

Let’s be real, hotel shampoo and condition is never as nice as our beloved home haircare products and lotions. So why bother when you can bring your own shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cleanser, and more with these TSA approved and BPA free reusable travel bottles. Skip grocery store runs and single-use travel sizes by packing everything you need again and again.  These are a must have and win win.

Reusable Food Storage Bags and Beeswax Food wrap

Planning to bring some snacks along for the ride.. or flight.. or journey, use reusable food storage bags and bees wax food wrap. Together this pair preserve all kinds of food, eliminate need for single use plastics, safe money, and can be used again and again. An added bonus for better quality and environmental friendliness.

Bamboo Dinnerware Sets

If having a full meal on the go is part of your travel plans this bamboo dinnerware set is your go to. Coming complete with utensils, dishware, and cups feel free to dine in style and plastic free with these bamboo reusable tools. Easy to wash and transport, make your travel meals memorable and your eco-footprint less.

Earthwise Organic Cotton Reusable Bags

A common theme and necessity of any traveler whether local or far away is bags, bags, and more bags. Cut some of your plastic waste with these eco-friendly reusable bags. Not only are these bags made from 100% organic cotton but they are machine washable and durable. They are easy to pack and are well worth their worth when used again and again and again.

The Ultimate Picnic Kit

If picnics are on the horizon this 4 person picnic kit is a must have. A compact backpack that comes with an insulated wine cooler, blanket, 4 person dining set, wine glasses, and more leaves nothing else to worry about when setting up the perfect outdoors outing. A plus aside from the sleek appearance and color choice variety is no extra plastic!

Huski Iceless Wine Cooler

Want to keep that bottle of rose, champagne, or white cool, but don’t want the hassle of ice? This small sleek cooler keeps your bottle cool for up to 6 hours and is adjustable to fit almost all bottle sizes. Any traveler who like to drink the occasional glass or bottle need this in their arsenal.

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