With Love, Margarita Cosmetics

With Love, Margarita Cosmetics

Photo Courtesy: Margarita Cosmetics

Born and raised in Southern Russia, Margarita’s passion for beauty began at an early age when she found herself captivated by immaculate skin and hair — it was no surprise she ended up studying at the prestigious Moscow Institute of Cosmetology before embarking on her career as an Assistant Cosmetologist at 18.

Studying and working in Moscow opened her eyes to the various beauty standards and personal care women of different backgrounds and nationalities pursued, prompting a six year journey to learn as much as she could about every kind of aesthetic aspect. Traveling to Africa and Western Europe, she was able to combine a multitude of diverse skin care methods with the best possible ingredients. Landing in Paris, French culture and influence of luxury in some of Europe’s most renowned brands and products piqued Margarita’s interest all the more.

In an effort to break from a uniform representation of makeup, Margarita began experimenting with a number of recipes to develop one perfect, flawless formula that she herself would fall in love with and voila! Margarita Cosmetics was born. Her products deliver freshness, transparency and individuality for all skin types while paying homage to the incredible life experiences that influenced it all.

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