Best Value Hotels on the Monterey Peninsula

Best Value Hotels on the Monterey Peninsula

Should a traveler to the Monterey Peninsula of California be so inspired, they could spend upwards of $5,000 on lodging for a given trip, easy. That wouldn’t be to finance a house for a week, but a single room, for one night. This list is the antidote to that sort of spending — without sacrificing the luxury. A helpful reminder therein: Value doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, it demonstrates the most quality for the fairest price.

One way each of the following spots delivers on that axiom is by maximizing access, visually and geographically, to the wonders of the Pacific Coast, buttressed by a range of creature comforts and superior service. So without further ado or breathless adjectives, here appear our Monterey Peninsula value hotel picks, organized by region. 

Featured photo courtesy of Tickle Pink Inn. 


Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California
Photo courtesy of Portola Hotel & Spa.


Hotel room with bed, table, TV and fire place at the Getaway (now known as Le Petit Pali) in Monterey, California
Photo courtesy of the Getaway / Le Petit Pali.

Big Sur

Big Sur Campground
Photo courtesy of Big Sur Campground and Cabins.

Santa Cruz

Seabright Beach Santa Cruz - lifeguard station at sunset
Photo by Manjunath via Unsplash.

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