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Let us introduce you to Local Getaways. 

Our veteran team of publishers re-launched LocalGetaways on June 15, 2021 with the help of the original founder Matthew Poole. We have three sites in one: California, Hawaii and our home page, which features our latest newsletter content, shopping and general travel content.

We also have a weekly newsletter and quarterly print issue.

If you are a small business owner looking for publicity, we’d love to hear from you. And if you are in public relations, we’d love to hear about your client.

To facilitate having the best chance at inclusion, here’s a quick description of our content:

Getties_logo_Best-Bay_RCThe Getties!

If you represent hotels, restaurants and attractions:
Our “best of” lists are broken down by eat, stay and do, and are written and vetted by our regional editors and staff. These top picks are also sent out in our newsletter to encourage our audience’s choice as well. The final product = The Getties! As in “getaways” — get it? If you feel you or your client belongs on these lists, please include “Getties Potential” in the subject line.

For even more exposure, we welcome partnerships starting at very reasonable rates. 

Food clients, chefs, restaurant openings, or the most amazing dim sum in California? Please send all of these queries to

Books on travel about California or Hawaii? We would be happy to connect you with our marketing team to learn about our newsletter copy blocks, which will link straight to your clients book. Email with “Newsletter Sponsored Link” in the subject line. 

Clothes, lotions and potions, perishables, wine, beer, unique products that would be ideal for our audience? Please send your queries to

Are you a vendor, sailing boat charter, hiking tour offering affiliate programs? We’d love to work with you, too. Please email and include “affiliate” in the subject line. 

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