California Caviar Company

California Caviar Company

Photo: Courtesy of California Caviar Company

California Caviar Company-Founder-Deborah-KeaneSince 2007, California Caviar Company has achieved a number of firsts that have taken the industry by storm. It is the first company committed to selling only sustainable, farmed caviar in the United States, while wild premium caviar was still available. Founded by CEO Deborah Keane — “The Caviar Queen” — it is also the first woman-owned and woman-run caviar company.

But nothing was handed to Keane, nor the company. It has reached its position in the business by creating exceptional caviar that is second to none in the world with a proprietary, breakthrough production model. Every product produced meets a standard of integrity, traceability, proper sustainability and caviar of an impeccable quality sought by Michelin-star chefs for private-label caviar lines.

Its organic-based farming techniques, paired with pristine water from our aquifers, produces the award-winning caviar. In fact, California Caviar Company has been touted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel + Leisure as well as on National Public Radio (NPR), CBS, CNBC, E! Network and more.

Start your culinary adventure now with any premium caviar, exclusive infusions like BBQ-Infused Salmon Roe! — and more at and save 15% of your order with the coupon code LG22. Overnight shipping or pick-up available.


Domestic Caviar Trio

Great sampler kit in a size everyone can enjoy! Includes 2oz of White Sturgeon Classic, 2oz of Hackleback, 2oz of Bourbon-Infused Trout Roe, 5oz of crème fraîche, 1 pack of 30 count blinis, 4 mother of pearl spoons, 1 branded CCC Caviar Cooler. $380.

Infused Indulgence

This gift set includes 1oz Sake-Infused trout Roe and 1oz Bourbon-Infused trout roe are a burst of color and flavor. Conveniently packed in a black CCC cooler with Waterwheel crackers, crème fraîche, and two mother of pearl spoons. All you need is the occasion to celebrate. $83.50.

Caviar Clutch – 7 Days of Indulgence

For the person who has everything, the Caviar Clutch includes 1oz Truffle-Infused Whitefish Roe, Bacon-Infused Trout Roe, Bourbon-Infused Trout Roe, Sake-Infused Trout Roe, BBQ-Infused Salmon Roe, Lemongrass-Infused Whitefish Roe, and Saffron-Infused Whitefish Roe. Perfect for any occasion, this insulated, slate grey clutch includes a caviar key and a wine opener which also fits a bottle of your favorite bubbles for an everyday indulgence. $102.

Caviar Queen’s Reserve White Sturgeon

Queen’s Reserve is the Caviar Master’s handmade caviar. This golden hue caviar is selected, crafted and cured by the Caviar Queen herself. It has a large bead with a beautiful burst of creamy nutty flavor. This is the caviar to eat simply on a spoon. $105 per ounce.

Kaluga Hybrid

A cousin to the farmed Beluga, this large firm bead and bronze color packs a full flavor with notable minerality. A perfect marriage of two sturgeon native to the Amur River basin, this beautiful farmed caviar is from the Huso Dauricus (a cousin to Beluga and considered the largest freshwater fish in the world) and Acipenser Schrenckii (Amur) sturgeon. One look and you will understand why this caviar is often called the “Amur Beluga.” $130 per ounce.

Golden Osetra Caviar

The farmed Golden Osetra has a slightly larger blond bead from the royal grade. This caviar has a higher lipid content saturating the palate with a pronounced clean brine. California Caviar Company’s sustainably-farmed, imported Golden Osetra caviar is best served simply — on a soft blini, lightly toasted brioche or straight on a pearl spoon along side a cold glass of brut champagne. $182 per ounce.

Jacques Pépin’s Pressed Caviar (Payusnaya)

California Caviar Company is proud to introduce the first domestic pressed caviar on the market. Developed by legendary chef Jacques Pépin, the pressed caviar combines the nutty flavor of White Sturgeon, the assertive full sea flavor from Paddlefish, and the creamy, rich taste of Hackleback roe. “For the true amateur of caviar there is nothing like pressed caviar or payusnaya. With its intense, assertive taste and dense, smooth texture, it is extremely versatile and a wonderful new addition to the repertoire of the imaginative and inventive chef,” says Jacques Pépin. $45 per ounce.

BBQ Infused Salmon Roe

A pearl-sized bead, this lightly salted roe has a rich ruby color with a hint of smoky BBQ. Combining the bold flavors of BBQ with the refinement of caviar, this roe has a smokiness and spice that beautifully accompany virtually any dish. $12 per ounce.

Horn Pedestal Server

The unmatched quality and unique look of this horn and bone serving device makes it a must-have for extraordinary caviar presentation. *Gold spoon and any caviar or accompaniments shown here are serving suggestions only and not included with the product. $42.

Hammered Gold Serving Bowl and Platter

Fill this sophisticated serving ensemble with ice and your favorite caviar and let the good times roll. *Gold spoon and any caviar or accompaniments shown here are serving suggestions only and not included with the product. $113.

Gourmandises Blini

A traditional way to serve caviar, these petite French blini are a classic caviar accompaniment when toasted. Pair with crème fraîche and a glass of champagne of course. Imported from France. $15.50 for 30.

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