Nick’s Cove
Marshall, CA

Nick’s Cove has been serving seafood from a working pier for more than 80 years, since Yugoslavian immigrant Nick Kojich arrived in the Tomales Bay hamlet of Marshall and began offering crab and shrimp cocktails to passing motorists. As tourist traffic increased in the early 1930s, he added waterfront fishing shacks for weekenders. Today Nick’s Cove is all rustic-chic and bohemian charm, each overwater bungalow painted a different color and outfitted with cushy leather couches, embroidered pillows, and outdoorsy accents, wood-burning stoves, clawfoot tubs, and other authentic touches complement the paneled interiors, but there’s no skimping on modern comforts either — most cottages have heated floors.

Photo: Courtesy of Nick’s Cove

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