A well-lit hotel room where to stay in Sonoma, featuring a large bed with white linens, cushioned seating at the foot, and a patterned carpet. There's a fireplace on the right, chairs and a table in the center, and tall windows with light curtains in the background.

Carmel Valley Lodge
Carmel Valley, CA

While the classic lodge charges a fraction of what other hotels around the valley do, it proves more conveniently located. That means walkability to rolling community parks, homespun restaurants and — wait for it — an absurd amount of locally sown wine tasting rooms, with roughly 30 ready to swirl and sip you on small-batch Pinots and Chardonnays within 1,000 steps. The grounds deploy old-growth oaks, water features, a welcoming pool, modest spa, and integrated fire pits, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Carmel Valley hills. Each lodge unit benefits from a wood deck, balcony or flagstone patio, exposed wood-beamed ceilings, refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, and convenient free parking.

Photo: Courtesy of Carmel Valley Lodge

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