Bikinis That Show You Care About the Planet

Bikinis That Show You Care About the Planet

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The perfect bikini has the power to make you feel confident, comfortable and cheerful. But like a good pair of jeans, they’re hard to find. We’re talking the bikinis that fit snug, but don’t squish; flatter your natural figure and compliment your skin tone (or the occasion, or your mood, etc.); and are made sustainably. That said, we’ve done the research. From casual to surf-ready, here are some bikini brands that focus their efforts on eco-consciousness and inclusivity — producing the best swimwear for every body.

Carve Design

 Not only is 100% of Carve Design’s swim collection made from recycled plastic bottles, all products are shipped in 100% biodegradable and plant based packaging. Carve works with the Ocean Conservancy and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to ensure their bikinis are stylish and sustainable.

dippin daisys

dippin daisys is an LA based brand super focused on sustainability. Their latest collections are made from recycled nylon, lead-free non-toxic metal, recycled foam, and organic and natural rubber. Instead of using dyes their small batch products use digital printing and are shipped in biodegradable packaging and they just joined TerraCycle to recycle their bikinis and work towards closing the loop on their products. 

Girlfriend Collective

Transparency is the key to change and Girlfriend Collective not only tells you exactly how, where, and with what each products is made, but they make sure to aim for the most sustainable way to do so.  Their bikinis are made from recycled fishnets and post-industrial waste from the oceans and they donate 1% of their proceeds to the ocean conservation organization Healthy Seas.

Hakuna Wear

Looking for a surf-tested, UPF, and ethically-made bikini? Hakuna is all of the above and more. Their swimwear is made from recycled materials and specially designed to “stay put” even for the most active water woman out there.

Kitty and Vibe

Not only has Kitty and Vibe completely changed the way we approach bathing suit sizing to be all inclusive and considerate of every beautiful body, but they practice and preach ethical labor, environmentally friendly manufacturing, sustainable fabrics, and recyclable packaging.


This brand focuses on travel, female beauty, living in the moment and sustainability. Their fabric is made from 100% regenerated materials like old fishing line and pre-consumer waste products. In the next two years, Ookioh plans to completely eliminate plastics from all their products. 


A women focused business run by women, RubyMoon is the only circular not for profit swim and active wear company out there. They prioritize the environment with their circular design and ethically sourced materials and donate 100% of profits into micro loans for women entrepreneurs all over the world.


These swimsuits are designed with both travel and the environment in mind. Taking over 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women, they have created a suit for everyone and better yet each piece is made packaged in recycled materials.

Vitamin A

Made in the USA and hyper-focused on sustainability, Vitamin A‘s swimsuits are made from recycled materials in factories that follow the strictest environmental criteria and shipped in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. 

We Are Hah

Super stylish and striving for sustainability, We Are Hah recognizes the hardships that come with making eco-friendly bikinis and are doing everything in their power from recycled materials to carbon offsetting to make sure their swimwear have the smallest impact possible.

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