Women’s Sunglasses

Women’s Sunglasses

Whether you’re on the beach, in the snow or hiking in the sun, eye protection is a must for any adventure you could plan. It’s no fun to get to the beach, or to the top of a mountain, and not be able to take in the views because you’re squinting. Here are a few options that are equal parts fashion and function so you don’t have to compromise on your travels.

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Feature Photo: Compiled from images on Amazon

Photo compiled from images on Amazon

There’s no better place to rep the Maui Jims than in Hawaii itself! This oversized cat-eye look adds a fashionable flair to any outfit and is well worth the price.

From a happy reviewerI was a little nervous ordering these online without being able to try on, but they fit perfectly and feel much more sturdy than some of the designer sunglasses I own. They give the perfect oversized look without falling off your face! And the polarized lenses are a game changer! I don’t even reach for my other pairs of sunglasses anymore!

Photo compiled from images on Amazon

These Ray-Ban sunglasses truly live up to their name. The “classic” style is timeless and an easy go-to when the sun is out.

From a happy reviewerWOW. I am IN LOVE with these fabulous, classic Ray-Ban aviators, by far my favorite sunglass style.

The reason I never owned a real pair is because the original size was too big for my female face and the juniors size was too small. Well, Ray-Ban finally made a middle size, 58mm, that’s absolutely perfect for a woman’s face.

Photo compiled from images on Amazon

This signature style is a great unisex option and is a perfect everyday style to accompany you from brunch by the beach to your hikes on the waterfalls

From a happy reviewer: They are so solid and sturdy, yet stylish. Absolutely understand why people pay so much for them.

Photo compiled from images on Amazon

Available in volcanic tortoise brown, these shades offer a little more protection with a slightly larger lens at 55mm.

From a happy reviewer: I have purchased these glasses 4 times now (sadly lost the other 3 pairs) but I continue to repurchase for their price, value, and all-around timeless cat-eye style. They are lightweight, matte in texture, and rubber so they are very durable. I get asked who makes them often and people are always shocked by the inexpensive price!

Photo compiled from images on Amazon

If you’re looking for a more organic look for your Hawaiʻian retreat, these handmade bamboo unisex sunglasses offer style and protection.

From a happy reviewer: It’s hard to believe that these are made out of actual wood. Love the lens colors too. These glasses get so many compliments as well. Thanks, Cloudfield!

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