What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat to Hawaii

Aloha Yoginis!

If you are lucky enough to be heading to the islands for a yoga retreat we wanted to make sure you had everything you need. This list was created by Kristen Addicks of her eponymous yoga company.  And we have gone through Amazon’s vast selection of options for you, and yes we’ll get a little bit of a kick back, so much Mahalo for shopping!


Cute Bikinis

One piece

Sporty Swimsuits

Cover up

Luxe Cover Ups,

Cute ‘n Cheap.

Rash guard (optional) check out these

Warm weather wear (shorts, tees, tanks)

Yoga pants and Yoga tops


Bathroom kit

Reef-friendly sunscreen

Swimmer’s ear drops (optional)

Small bug spray (just in case)

Refillable water bottle

Ear plugs for swimming

Sun hat

Small daypack


Flip flops (2 pairs, maybe one dressy and one not)

Water shoes

Sunglasses (wise to bring 2 pair – such a bummer if a pair is lost on a sunny vacation)

Fashion Sunglasses

Ear buds/head phones for airplane (optional)

Comfortable walking shoes: Tevas/Keens/running shoes

Yoga mat (let me know if you cannot bring one, I have some extras that I can bring for you. They are not of high quality)

Yoga strap and a block (if you like, it’s optional)

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