Virtual Water Cooler: Andrew Cuomo, Cubs on the Golf Course, and More

Featured Illustration: Audrey Towle

Welcome to this month’s edition of Virtual Water Cooler, where we serve you big, whopping glasses of top-shelf Twitter content from recent weeks. Here are some of the things that made us laugh, cry, think, awww, roll our eyes and more.

No gift or shower curtain is bought without it

Penniless rumors confirmed


Press Secretary Jen Psaki gets an intern

Our favorite budding golfers

Jake Gyllenhaal admits that he doesn't shower often

That's not how it works

From the annals of "oh lord, why"

"Buzzed in the Cheese Aisle," by Lady Gaga

Hoping they keep the same theme music

Tom and Rita deserve better


Ron DeSantis Mahogany

Yes, the quoted part is a real chat transcript

And the harsh reality of being an aging Chad

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