Treats Made in Maui That Your Family and Friends Will Love

The Hawaiian word mālama means “to care for” or “to give back.” Local residents have long understood their responsibility or kuleana to be good stewards of the land. From lotions and potions to helping friends in the ocean, consider these Maui-based businesses for your holiday shopping needs.

Featured Photo: Maui Chocolate, courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

Maui Ocean Center, Adopt a Honu

By symbolically adopting a honu patient at Maui Ocean Center, you will support their rescue, rehabilitation, and release on the island of Maui, Hawai’i. There are various options starting at $20.

Maui Chili Chili Oil, Maui Shop

Some like it hot — or hotter, which is why this spicy condiment with crunchy bits of garlic and Maui onion comes in mild, medium and “spicy kine” levels. Deron and Kit Furukawa of Wailuku pivoted during the pandemic to turn their passion for cooking with chili oil into a full-time business.

Maui Fruit Jewels, Maui Shop

Got a sweet tooth for tropical fruits? Created by Chris and Lin ter Horst, Maui Fruit Jewels first won acclaim for delicious jellied candies made with all-Hawaiian grown (and mostly Maui-grown) fruits such as guava, pineapple, papaya, mango and passionfruit. Now you can savor the same flavors in fruit purees and shortbreads.

Pineapples-Shop-Made in Maui-credit Maui Gold-800x450

Looking for the ideal house warming gift? When the big pineapple plantations moved off island, some employees got together to continue growing this unique type known as Maui Gold, famous for its extra sweet flavor and low acidity.

Chocolate-Shop-Made in Maui-credit Maui Chocolate-800x450

There’s pretty much a reason for chocolate anytime of the year. This award-winning farm and facility on Maui is a win-win for all involved.

Lei-Shop-Made in Maui-credit Made in Maui-800x450

Born and raised on Maui, Leonani — Leo means “voice” and nani means “beauty” — also embodies the Hawaiian virtue of patience as she hand makes each lei.

Maui, Maui Raw

Maui Raw makes social foods like dips, snacks, and more extra healthy and extra delicious. All their products are vegan, non-GMO, raw and Maui made. A must-try is their Raw Cultured Macadamia Nut Spread.

Maui, Ocean Vodka

Maui’s very own premium spirit, Ocean Vodka is the perfect addition to any cocktail and tropical vacation. Each batch of vodka is locally sourced from organic sugar cane grown on the family-owned farm and deep ocean mineral water. Favorite of locals and visitors alike, make sure to take back some of their iconic circular 1.7-ounce bottles to friends and family.

Shop goat-based chocolates, cheeses, soaps, and more at one of Maui’s agro-tourism hotspots, Surfing Goat Dairy farm. Situated on the Haleakala Crater in lower Kula, the farm is open for visitors to taste test the award-winning cheeses and meet the goats.

Maui, Maui Vera

After soaking up the rays, treat your skin with Maui Vera’s natural skincare products. With all organic ingredients and absent harsh chemicals, Maui Vera products are designed to soothe and restore sun-damaged skin.

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