Tommy Breeze: Wearable Art for That NorCal Vibe

Feature Photo: Tommy Breeze

Tommy Breeze

Tommy Breeze, an artist in Fairfax California, has launched an eponymous line of apparel including hats, t-shirts and decals. All pieces embody the essence of Marin County’s natural beauty, from majestic Mount Tamalpais to Marin’s beautiful coastline and everything in between. A native of Marin, artist Tommy Breeze has created a series of artfully designed patches through landscapes of color and local imagery including trees, birds and hilltops along with the mountains, ocean and sun to inspire us all to get outdoors and seek adventure. A native son of Marin County, Tommy continues the innovative footsteps of his father, Joe Breeze, mountain bike pioneer and co-founder of the Marin Museum of Bicycling. He draws a portion of his inspiration from legendary artists like Tom Killion and Hasui Kawase. His pieces could be considered the California version of the Hawaii’s wunderkind Heather Brown.

Tommy meticulously sews each and every patch on the hats with careful attention paid to a variety of materials, focused on a comfortable fit capped off with his vibrant color combinations, all designed with the intention of taking you to your happy place. When asked about his process, Tommy explains, “I try to capture the feeling of natural places by distilling them down to their basic building blocks — color, line and balance. I’m looking to recreate the ‘memoryscapes’ one takes away from being in a beautiful landscape, in a way that lets us bring our memories and nostalgia with us through our daily lives.”

Trucker Hats

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Tommy Breeze shirts are released in small special editions.

All shirts are currently sold out. Please sign up for their mailing list to be the first to hear about the next release, in late Spring 2021. 

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