These Responsibly Kauai Made Gifts Give Back to the Land

These Responsibly Kauai Made Gifts Give Back to the Land

Shop responsibly from these local Kauai businesses that embody the definition of caring for tradition and the land. From apparel to accessories and delicious island-inspired treats, bring home a taste of Kauai and support those who call this beautiful island home.

Featured Photo: Alternative Konane Boards

Close-up of a vibrant red anthurium flower with a glossy texture, proudly grown on Kauai. The flower has a large, heart-shaped spathe and a prominent yellow spadix in the center. Green leaves and more anthuriums can be seen in the blurred background.

From their family-owned farm, Tropical Flowers Express, to your door, send a sustainable piece of paradise the next time your loved one deserves a little attention — there are many different options to choose from.

Three bags of Kawaii Kookie sugar sprinkle cookies are displayed against a backdrop of green palm leaves. Each bag is sealed with a raffia tie and adorned with colorful tropical flower labels that include the word "Aloha!" Proudly, these delectable treats are Kauai-made.
Photo: @kauaikookie / instagram

Everyone loves a sweet treat, and Kauai Kookie bakes delicious, island-style desserts perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up or gift to bring home. Founded in 1956, Kauai Kookie was the original cookie company on the island, and today, despite baking 50,000 cookies daily, is still family-owned and operated. Their treats are a favorite of locals, visitors, and those worldwide.

A row of seven Hanalei Spirits bottles, each labeled with different colored tags, are displayed on a wooden surface. The transparent Kauai-made bottles contain various spirits with their labels featuring the Hanalei Spirits logo. The background shows a distillery setup.
Photo: @hanaleispirits / instagram

Enjoy a taste of the islands from Hanalei Rum. This family-owned distillery is based on the North Shore of Kauai and uses produce from their family farm for all their premium craft spirits. They focus on maintaining a healthy balance between the history of agriculture in Hawaii and the island’s dependence on visitors.

A wooden game board featuring rows of black and white marbles arranged in a grid pattern, handcrafted with care. The board, which rests on a piece of fabric, has some marbles connected by lines to suggest a strategy game. Proudly Kauai made, the background reveals a rugged rocky surface.

Calling all gamers: unplug for a few and learn the ancient art of Konane or Hawaiian Checkers. The strategic and analytical skills required to be a successful Konane player were useful in both times of war and peace. Uncle John and his crew have created a variety of boards for every taste.

A variety of Kauai made herbal products are displayed against a natural green background. Items include Olena Heat Turmeric Tonic, Nozzy Blocks Herbal Insect Repellent, Olena Hot Sauce, Cough Honey Herbal Expectorant, Herbal Massage Oil, and Mamaki Tea.
Photo: @hoolono / instagram

For traditional Hawaiian herbal remedies, Ho’olono has you covered. Find locally-made products ranging from turmeric tonic, healing salves, honey cough remedies, mosquito repellent, and much more. They pride themselves in handling their products from seed to soil and from harvest to finished product, bringing a whole new standard to a farm-to-bottle remedy.

A beaded bracelet with round, pastel-colored blue and white beads, featuring a metallic magnetic clasp. The beads are evenly spaced and exhibit a marbled appearance, giving the bracelet a serene, oceanic look. This Kauai-made piece embodies island tranquility.

Jewelry using the rare Ni’ihau shells like those found at JJ ‘Ohana and many other unique offerings can be found on Kauai Made’s website. They are not only beautiful, but are made with love and aloha.

Three zippered pouches of varying sizes, featuring a floral pattern in yellow, white, and black colors, are displayed side by side on a flat surface. Proudly Kauai made, they stand against a rustic background with green leaves arranged beneath them.

Wear the prints of paradise with Kilohana Clothing Co. They have everything from robes, aloha shirts, kids clothing, and cosmetic bags featuring their classic Hawaiian designs. All products are handmade in Kauai, so make sure to visit their site for a one-of-a-kind piece.

A logo featuring the text "Kaua'i Made" in white capital letters with a purple background. The logo, symbolizing gifts for everyone, depicts two hands holding a tied-up bundle in purple, set within a green circular border adorned with small leaf illustrations.

From tropical floral arrangements to tasty island treats, unique art, jewelry, fashion and more — you’re sure to find the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list. In the traditional Hawaiian culture, an offering or “honored gift” is called a ho‘okupu and wrapped in a ti leaf, which just happens to be the logo for Kauai Made, an organization of over 100 Kauai merchants all living on the beautiful garden isle.

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