Shoo for Good: A Chic Solution to Buggy Nights

Shoo for Good: A Chic Solution to Buggy Nights

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Shoo for Good_Christy_300x300Wine tastings in the vineyard; dinners under the stars; weddings in a field; and so many parties in the garden. California was made for outdoor enjoyment. Then the mosquitoes caught on. “I’d find myself offering guests a spritz of bug spray with their glass of rosé,” says Christy Hobart, who loves to entertain in her Santa Monica garden. Now when friends come over, instead of the sticky spray, she offers them soft, lightweight, and odor-free Shoo for Good shawls to drape over their shoulders.

Knowing insect-repellent clothing existed for hikers and campers, Hobart, who studied fashion design in Paris, looked for something similarly effective — but chic — to wear to outdoor gatherings and while traveling. “It didn’t exist,” she says. So, she created a line of scarves and shawls for their practicality, versatility, and simplicity. Enhanced with Insect Shield technology, the scarves offer protection from mosquitoes and other bugs for up to 70 washings. “You can toss one on over whatever you’re wearing and you’re good to go.”

Greater Good
Social good is core to Shoo for Good. The artisans who handmake the scarves, from the spinning of the cotton to the natural dyeing to the handweaving, receive fair living wages, social benefits, and educational opportunities. “They care about their work,” Hobart says, “and it shows in the quality of the final product.” And with every wrap sold, a donation is made to the company’s partner, the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign. “Mosquitoes are mostly just annoying to us, but they are literally killing people, mostly children, in other parts of the word,” Hobart says. “I’m glad that, together, we can make a difference.”

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The Camellia

The Camellia is sheer, chic, and super soft. The lightweight, feather-fringed Camellia wrap is hand- woven in Ethiopia with the finest, locally spun cotton. Its ample size offers extra protection. Simple, classic, and elegant, it’s the wrap for every occasion.

The Gardenia

The Gardenia is a whisper of handwoven cotton. The ultralightweight, two-tone Gardenia scarf floats over bare shoulders, adding a touch of chic to any outfit. Effortless and elegant, it’s great on vacation, at outdoor weddings and other gatherings, and for dinners on the terrace.

The Laurel

The Laurel Throw is cozy, comfortable, and versatile, perfect to wear over your shoulders when there’s a slight nip in the air. The oversize Laurel can double as a blanket, too, to toss on the beach or lawn where it will deter ticks and other crawling bugs.

The Spruce

The Spruce Scarf is supple, soft, and easy-to-wear. The Spruce has a nubby texture and subtle stripes, making it ideal for men and women, alike. Throw it on whether the bugs are out or not.

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