Julie Tuton Jewelry: Handmade Elixir Jewelry

Feature Photo: Julie Tuton

Julie Tuton-Jewelry-Shop-Local MakersAlways drawn to crystals and gems, their sparkle and their magical powers, Julie Tuton, artist and energy worker, found she had a unique perspective when it comes to making jewelry. She sees the often unseen, hears the unspoken acoustic energetic qualities, and designs her pieces almost like playing a symphony. This translates to a wide range of styles designed to empower, nurture, and attract abundance. And when a piece resonates with you, there is often a spark of knowing that it is meant for you.

Julie believes in the energetic contribution of jewelry. She often speaks of the healing benefits of wearing these modern amulets. Not just for special occasions, but everyday! You will find her wearing rings, earrings & necklaces in the redwoods and at the beach! What if wearing jewelry feeds your body & soul? 

She loves creating custom pieces, using her magic and intuitive ability to complement your uniqueness. Her jewelry is a contribution to you, not to overshadow, but bring out the natural glow and beauty of your being. Wear her pieces and sense the magical peace, joy and elegance that is synonymous with Julie Tuton Jewelry.

​She offers private appointments at her home studio as well as pop-up events.


Caviar Stix Earrings

*  Available in 3 lengths: Baby, Short, Long
*  Multiple Swarovski crystal options
*  Crystal: power, protection, harmony & balance

Long Caviar Gem Cluster Earrings

*  Denim quartz, pyrite, pearl and rhutilated herkimer diamond
*  Wrapped in sterling silver
*  Assorted gemstones and metals options

Teardrop Gem Chandelier Earrings

*  Chalcedony and herkimer diamond
*  Hand-shaped and hammered
*  Assorted gemstone options


Gem Chain Drop Choker 

*  Available in multiple lengths
*  Assorted gemstone options
*  Gemstone readings available for creating custom amulets

Circle Necklace

*  18k gold vermeil, bronze or sterling circle
*  Hand wire wrapped 
16″ gem chain
*  Assorted gemstone options

Hand-Strung Grey Pearls

*  Hand-knotted lustrous light grey pearls
*  Grey moonstone accents
*  44″ long with sterling filigree clasp


Aquamarine Halo Ring

*  Custom design
*  Pave set white diamonds
*  14k gold

Square Stacking Rings

*  Sterling silver
*  White diamond accents
*  Hand-wrapped champagne diamonds, 14k gold wire

Tahitian Pearl Ring

*  Custom design
*  Tahitian pearls set in 14k white gold
*  Pave diamonds and rose gold accents

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