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Hedonic CoffeeWhat do coffee and wine have in common?
First, they’re both made from fruit! Just as your favorite wine comes from the fruit of a carefully tended grapevine, coffee comes from the fruit of the coffee tree, of which there are many varieties and cultivars (hundreds within the Arabica species, alone). Coffee and wine also share many sensory properties, such as aroma, basic tastes (sweet, tart, savory, bitter), acidity, body, texture, flavor, and finish. And just like wine, coffee’s unique sensory properties come from the terroir in which it is grown, as well as its processing and roasting (similar to viticultural and vinicultural practices in wine).

Who is Hedonic Coffee designed for?
Hedonic Coffee is for people who want to explore the sensory pleasures of coffee in the same way they approach wine. It’s a meditative ritual, a practice of mindfulness, an attentiveness to one’s own subjectivity. Most of all, it’s an experience of pleasure.

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Mexico Bella Vista Women’s Group Chiapas

This is a coffee farmed entirely by women, and it’s one of the best coffees we’ve tasted this year. Your purchase supports women farmers in the Chiapas region of Mexico.

Sonoma Coast AVA

A blend of fine Kenya and washed Ethiopia coffees designed to invoke the sweetly herbaceous, mineral-laden terroir of the rugged Sonoma Coast.

You Want It Darker

The popular “You Want It Darker” blend, named after the Leonard Cohen song, is deep and richly aromatic, but never over-roasted. Great for people who put a splash of milk in their coffee.

Ecuador San José de Minas Galo Morales Flores Mixed Fermentation

A special coffee from Ecuador’s Finca Cruz Loma that was processed using an experimental mixed fermentation method, resulting in a fruit-toned, chocolaty cup of coffee. Perfect as a gift for the coffee geek in your life.

Ka’u Cloud’s Rest

A very small-production coffee from the Ka’u region of the Big Island — more venerated than Kona by coffee experts — and processed by Miguel Meza by a proprietary method that results in a Champagne-like acidity and mouthfeel. A unique coffee in all the world.

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