Waikiki’s New Green Ride

Feature Photo: Courtesy of Arcimoto

Waikiki FUVs-Acrimoto Experience Center-Credit Jeanne Cooper-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of Jeanne Cooper

The streets of Waikiki just became a lot easier — and greener —  to surf around, thanks to   electric “fun utility vehicles,” or FUVs. The new Arcimoto Experience Center for the three-wheeled, two-passenger FUVs opened last Sunday just outside of Waikiki in urban Kaka‘ako.

Waikiki FUVs-Streets of Kahala-Credit Jeanne Cooper-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of Jeanne Cooper

Already cruising the streets of San Francisco (via GoCar Tours) and San Diego (via Arcimoto rentals and GoCar’s Gaslamp District evening tours) among other destinations, the open-sided vehicles are have a top speed of 75mph and a range of 102 miles. They don’t require a motorcyclist’s license, just a regular driver’s license, some brief instruction and signing a waiver.

It took this driver a couple of blocks to get used to the handlebar throttle and two braking systems (one is a lever that slows the FUV and regenerates power to the battery, the other is a floor pedal that brings it to a complete stop.) Turns are a little wider than in a car, but the ride is smooth and, even with open sides, surprisingly quiet — drivers can easily communicate with a passenger, who is seated behind them. You can even take it on the highway and still hear your tunes blasting on the Bluetooth speaker.

Waikiki FUVs-Showroom-Credit Jeanne Cooper-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of Jeanne Cooper

You won’t be able to stow your luggage, unless it’s the size of a school backpack, but there’s room for a shopping bag or two. Also, because three of these FUVs can fit in a single parking space, it also simplifies finding parking on Kapahulu Avenue, so you can score malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery, or along Kapi‘olani Park, next to Waikiki’s best beach scene.

Rates in Waikiki are $185 a half-day, $325 for a full day (8 hours); currently 12 FUVs and two roadsters (similar in size but with dual motors and no roof) are available to rent. RideSmart Maui, an e-bike rental and tour agency, is expected to offer four Arcimoto FUV rentals sometime soon, although rates have not yet been set.

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