Best Hikes on the Big Island

The Big Island is known for being the home of Mauna Kea – the tallest seamount in the world — active volcanoes, ranch land, luxury resorts and Kona coffee. From the summit of Mauna Kea to the sand at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, the Big Island offers incredible scenery and many different climate zones to experience. Hiking is one activity that lets you take it in front and center. Here are a few of the most popular treks.

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Featured Photo: Tor Johnson/HTA
mauna kea trail_big island_hike_800x450_christian espinosa
Photo: Christian Espinosa/AllTrails

Mauna Kea Trail

Level: Strenuous — 11.2-miles roundtrip

Check the weather forecast before you go, pack food and water, and wear sturdy hiking shoes. This hike takes the experience hiker at least eight hours. During the winter snow is a common sight on the peaks of both Mauna Kea and nearby Mauna Loa. Views along the way and at the top are out of this world.

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awini trail_big island_hike_800x450_kaelyn leake
Photo: Kaelyn Leake/AllTrails

Awini Trail

Level: Strenuous — 21.5 miles

Begin the hike by passing Pololu Valley beach. Find the trail in low ferns that are behind the shoreline. Head up the trail for one mile and you will end up at a wooden bench that overlooks the Honokane Nui Valley.

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kaawaloa captain cook trail_big island_hike_800x450_Gihyeon Han
Photo: Gihyeon Han/AllTrails

Kaawaloa (Captain Cook Monument Trail)

Level: Moderate — 4 miles

The trail may be hard to find due to overgrown grasses. On the trail you may find the spot where the body of Captain Cook was taken. And if you make it to the end all the way to the edge of Kealakekua Bay, you will find a plaque that marks the spot where Captain Cook is memorialized.

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akaka falls trail_big island_hike_800x450_christa huggins
Photo: Christa Huggins/AllTrails

Akaka Falls

Level: Easy — .5 miles

This is a popular tourist hike through lush rainforest. You will go uphill on a paved trail that ends up at the lookout to the 442-foot-tall Akaka Falls and also to the smaller Kahuna Falls. The weather can be wet and it’s not uncommon to find mosquitos on the trail. Don’t forget to bring repellent.

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Kiholo Bay and Wainanalii Lagoon_big island_hike_800x450_alex waggoner
Photo: Alex Waggoner/AllTrails

Kiholo Bay and Wainanalii Lagoon

Level: Moderate — 5.5 miles

The highlight of this hike? Seeing an abundance of sea turtles, but that’s not it. There is also a hidden water hole from a lava tube and jaw-dropping black sand beaches. A great family hike, make sure to come early as shade is limited and the sun can be brutal.

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Kilauea Iki Trail and Crater Rim Trail_big island_hike_800x450_crystal mcclure
Photo: Crystal McClure/AllTrails

Kilauea Iki Trail and Crater Rim Trail

Level: Easy to Moderate — 3 miles

You will be walking on lava that flowed in 1959. It’s both fascinating and visually inspiring to see the different formations caused by heat and water. Some of the rocks on the crater floor are still too hot to touch. Wear sturdy shoes and bring sunscreen.

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