Ellie’s Essential Blends

Ellie’s Essential Blends

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Ellie’s Essential Blends was founded in January of 2021 to help other women and mamas access self-care in a functional and reasonable way by using high-quality essential oils. The business is online, but Ellie knew she wanted to provide an in-person way for others to experience her blends, and that is where events came into play. She is here to provide her true and authentic experiences as a mama to let others know they are supported and not alone and she does this through providing healing events.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?
It’s hard to believe I started this business one year ago, and what I find to be one of the most rewarding aspects of this journey is how my purpose continues to unfold. From the beginning, I knew creating community was my deepest drive, but little did I know how impactful it would be for me and so many other women. As I continue to evolve into my why, I know the importance of holding space for women and being a driving force for gathering through soulful events and entrepreneur markets.

Essential Oil Products

Waves Roller

To help you get grounded and stable when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious
– Palo Santo: clears negative energy
– Idaho Grand Fir: connects you to the earth
– Black Spruce: centers & focuses the mind
– Camphor: removes negative energy
– Blue Tansy: calms skin and mind
– Frankincense: grounds and helps you connect to spirit
– Geranium: calm nerves and the mind
– Moon Stone & Citrine promotes intuition and joy

Sacred Roller

To use when you need to drop back into yourself and connect with your body
– Black Spruce: centers & focuses the mind
– Ylang Ylang: master balancing oil
– Idaho Balsam Fir: soothes body and mind
– Cedarwood: calms & grounds the mind
– Frankincense: relieves stress & anxiety, spiritual
– Red Jasper balances emotions & promotes tranquility

New Moon Roller

– Palmarosa: help with bloating and digestion, security, adaptability and clarity
Sweet Basil: help with cramping, and mental fatigue, removes negative emotions
– Davana: soothes nerves, emotional calm
Nagarmotha: cramps, digestion, depression, irregular menstrual cycles
Rose quartz: creates deep inner healings and feelings of peace

Balance Roller

To drop down into yourself when life is too much to handle
– Angelica: relieves anxiety and strengthens mind and spirit to keep putting one foot in front of the other, also referred to as “the oil of angels”
– Sandalwood: relaxes nerves, balances emotions and helps release anger
– Jasmine: calms & balances the mind, diminishes fear and helps with depression
– Sodalite & Clear Quartz brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks

High Heart Roller

To help you connect to your higher self
– Rose Otto: opens the heart, soothes feelings of anger, fear & anxiety
– Rose Geranium: helps to relax & calm the body, mind & spirit and connect to ourselves
– Sandalwood: grounding, brings warmth, balance & harmony
– Rose Quartz: purifies & opens the heart, promotes self love

Deep Sleep Roller

To use when you need extra support falling & staying asleep
– Valerian: soothes the nervous system, emotionally balances & calms the mind
– German Chamomile: relaxes & calms the mind, releases emotional frustration
– Davana: native to India, quiets the mind and restores emotional calm
– Amethyst crystal promotes tranquility, relieves stress and strain, balances mood swings

Peggy Sue Roller

To connect to your source, and with loved ones who have moved on
– Idaho Blue Spruce: relieves tension
– White Fir: calms & stabilizes the mind
– White Cedar: promotes unconditional love
– White Spruce: helps w/respiratory
– Angelica: “oil of angels” connecting to Angelic realm & boosts nervous system
– White Pine: anti-inflammatory
– Aventurine helps anxiety & promotes calm

Rose Hydrosol

This spray is used as part of your daily self-care routine
– Himalaya (Kashmir) Rosa damascena Hydrosol
Apply at night before going to bed on your body and sheets for a relaxing and soft aroma. Gently mist on face anytime of day for a fresh rosy feeling to uplift your mood. It is a great skin toner.

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