Where to Stay in Tahoe

About 200 miles northeast of San Francisco is Lake Tahoe, North America’s largest alpine lake with cool, cobalt-blue water. This 22-mile long, 12-mile wide area is surrounded by 16 small communities, acting as a magnet for visitors and locals for a winter wonderland and a year-round playground. There’s plenty to do, around or in the lake.
Foodies can enjoy our well-researched lists of where to eat, including where to find the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out our constantly evolving lists of the best ways to experience Tahoe’s natural and cultural wonders, including scenic hikes and monthly things to do. Of course, you’ll need a place to stay. We’ve also sifted through the many options to find the best lodgings, including top choices for a group gathering, as well as the best luxury and good-value hotels here. 
Feature Photo: Edgewood Tahoe
Tahoe Getties

Best Luxury Hotels in Tahoe

Check out our picks for the absolute best hotels in Tahoe.

Tahoe Getties
Tahoe Getties

Best Group Getaway Hotels in Tahoe

Here are our favorite hotels in Tahoe for group getaways.

Tahoe Getties
Tahoe Getties

Best Vetted Value Hotels in Tahoe

These hotels may not offer the absolute cheapest rates, but they provide excellent bang for your buck.

Tahoe Getties

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