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Sea Ranch Rentals
Sonoma, CA

A collection of individual homes on the dramatic Sonoma Coast, Sea Ranch is an ideal getaway for groups in western Sonoma County. Family-sized houses — some of the charmingly named getaways include Seascape, Moondance and Breaker View — are designed and built with strict guidelines around environmental sustainability and stewardship for the land. Homes are set into the rugged landscape, spaced to ensure privacy and a low impact on the land. Set into 3,500 acres, individual homes are situated near the ocean’s edge while others are nestled in the rolling hills. All have ocean views. Family groups can often rent homes next to each other to maximize ease of community gatherings yet ensuring each party has their own space.

Lodging is designed with reverence for the ruggedness of the California coast. Many homes are tucked into stands of trees or hedgerows and set back far enough from the ocean on what Sea Ranch calls ocean meadows, to allow natural processes to continue. Interior redwood walls and hot tubs are a feature of most homes with large windows to enjoy the wildlife.

Photo: Courtesy of Sea Ranch Rentals

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