San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants Requiring Booster Shot for Indoor Dining

In case you weren’t aware, the year is 2022. Did you already know? Congrats! Given that our ongoing Covid situation is like a hopeless game of Frogger — leaping desperately in a dire climate, trying to safely make our way home — it’s kind of tough to distinguish trivial things like changing of the years.

But it’s not a wholly futile if-you-can-dodge-a-wrench-you-can-dodge-a-ball existence. Reports are showing that the omicron variant is milder than its older siblings, and local restaurants are taking additional steps to keep customers and staff safe. So far in San Francisco, Cassava, Hamano Sushi, Merchant Roots, Palette Tea House, Pomelo, and Zuni Cafe are requiring booster shots for indoor dining. Kon-Tiki, Palmetto, and Roses’ Taproom in Oakland are requiring the same — visit the San Francisco Chronicle site for an updated running list.

Another bonus: there is a new more efficient way of showing you’re up to date.

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Zuni Cafe

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Photo: Courtesy of Maria Lindsey

New Way to Show Proof of Vaccination

Make it official with a state-issued record. By entering a few key details, California and Hawaii residents, among others, are able to receive a digital copy of their Covid-19 vaccination record and a link to a QR code with that info — which now syncs with digital wallet applications (Apple Wallet, Google Pay) as well as Apple Health. Think airplane boarding pass.

California portal:
Hawaii portal:

Check out other ways of showing your vax status here.

Show Your Favorite Local Restaurants Some Love

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