Best Things to Do in the South Bay This February

Looking for the coolest things to do in one of the most romantic months of the year? Want to celebrate and honor Black History Month in the South Bay? We’ve got you covered. With Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl, there is plenty to do this month. We’ve done the deep research for you on the best things to do in the South Bay including museums, cultural events and food tours and more. Speaking of food, we also have an extensive list of our best restaurants in the South Bay, and if you’re planning a weekend, the best places to stay.

With temperatures mostly in the 60s, the South Bay is mild in February, and typically warmer than other places in the Bay Area.

Featured Photo: Courtesy of @levisstadium
Super Bowl-credit naveen venkatesan unsplash-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of Naveen Venkatesan/Unsplash

Super Bowl LVII

February 13
Valentines Day-credit luiz paulo r santos unsplash-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of Luiz Paulo R Santos/Unsplash

Valentine's Day

February 14

Event Venues

Looking to see what’s happening right now in the South Bay? Our comprehensive list of venues below will help you find what you need to know what’s going on.

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