Best Desserts and Sweets in Sonoma County

After blissful days filled with wine tasting and Michelin starred meals, it’s all too easy to take a pass on dessert. We’re here to tell you — don’t do it! From cookies and pastries, to artisanal chocolate, let your inner sweet tooth run the show and indulge. You can thank us later.

Photo: Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar


Two colorful slushie cups on a white table, each topped with whipped cream and various toppings, showcase why these are some of the best desserts in Sonoma County. The left cup has blue slush, rainbow sprinkles, and "Wicked Slush" on it. The right cup has pink slush, mini marshmallows, and reads "Life is hard. Have a slush.
Photo: Courtesy of Amy's Wicked Slush

Amy’s Wicked Slush

Some East Coasters might call it Italian Water Ice. Amy’s calls it slush. The name doesn’t matter. It’s just good. Flavors include mango, black cherry, watermelon, coconut, and cotton candy. It’s fantastic on its own, but make it even better by mixing in soft serve ice cream. Think root beer slush with vanilla soft serve, or go for a fruity mix like lemon slush and blueberry soft serve.


A bustling restaurant in Sonoma County with patrons seated at various tables, enjoying meals and conversations. The decor is rustic with chandeliers, exposed beams, and large windows letting in natural light. A server is seen attending to a table, where the best desserts and sweets are eagerly anticipated.
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Petaluma

Della Fattoria

Vanilla panna cotta, cheesecake, princess cakes, and fresh fruit tarts. You never know what kind of goodness will fill the cases at Della Fattoria in Petaluma. Preorders can be placed online, but if you go that route, be ready to add on at pick up.

A wooden table in Sonoma County displays various glass bowls filled with colorful, assorted candies. Two small signs identify the contents, with one labeled "GODIS" and the other "STOCKHOME". These sweets include gummy bears, jelly beans, fruit slices, and other shapes—truly some of the best desserts around.
Photo: Courtesy of Stockhome


This Michelin Bib Gourmand hotspot in Petaluma is well-known for its Swedish offerings. But along with classics like pickled herring and meatballs, the restaurant’s counter is lined with jars of colorful candy like Dala Horse Gummy Candy and of course Swedish Fish. The selection is always changing, giving you an excuse to visit again and again.

Petaluma Pie Company
Photo: Courtesy of Stockhome

Petaluma Pie Company

This is a go-to spot for pie lovers. Petaluma Pie Company makes sweet and savory pies using local ingredients. The pie menu changes with the season; along with classic apple and coconut cream, you might find butterscotch banana cream or a pear ginger cardamon pie.


Four colorful popsicles, celebrated as some of the best desserts in Sonoma County, are arranged in a staggered stack against a plain white background. They are yellow, white with fruit pieces, green with fruit, and pink with fruit pieces. Each popsicle has a wooden stick and displays refreshing, frozen textures.
Photo: Courtesy of La Michoacana

La Michoacana

This colorful ice cream shop in Sonoma is for those willing to think out of the box and pass on scoops of vanilla and chocolate for flavors like pina colada, rum raisin, and guanabana sorbet. There are also more than a dozen types of paletas to choose from. Watermelon, tamarind, and spicey mango are just a few of our favorites. Did we mention they also make nachos?

S'more Souffle at Wit and Wisdom
Photo: Courtesy of Dana Rebmann

Wit & Wisdom

With offerings like Lobster Pot Pie and Short Rib Cavatelli, it’s hard to save room for dessert at Wit & Wisdom. But it’s worth the effort because when you succeed a Woodfired S’mores Souffle For 2 is waiting. It’s like being a kid again, but better.

Sweet Scoops
Photo: Courtesy of Sonoma County Tourism

Sweet Scoops Homemade Ice Cream

Small batch ice cream whipped up steps off of Sonoma Plaza. Flavors change often: check Sweet Scoops Instagram stories or give the sweet shop a call. It’s sister shop, Darling, is located just a few blocks away. Along with scoops, shakes, floats and cones, ice cream cakes are available.,

Santa Rosa

Six small bowls filled with the best desserts in Sonoma County are arranged in two rows of three on a marble surface. Each bowl features different flavors of ice cream with unique garnishes, including sprinkles, nuts, waffle pieces, and chocolate shavings. Truly the perfect sweets selection!
Photo; Courtesy of Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar

Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie Bar

Blood Raspberry Orange, Thai Tea, Pistachio Cherry, Salted Caramel, and Black Sesame. That’s just a handful of our favorite ice cream flavors at Noble Folk. But wait, there’s pie too! How does S’more Mississippi Mud Pie sound? Maybe a lighter Meyer Lemon Baked Custard? There’s also cupcakes, cookies and macarons, oh my! Along with the shop in Santa Rosa, there’s a location across from Healdsburg Plaza.

A bakery display filled with the best desserts in Sonoma County, showcasing pastries like croissants, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate sweets. A person is serving a customer, placing a pastry into a paper bag. Small chalkboard signs with pastry names and prices are visible on the counter.
Photo: Courtesy of Pascaline


This French patisserie and café boasts two Sonoma County locations; the original Sebastopol outpost and its newest Montgomery Village address in Santa Rosa. Croissant options range from butter, chocolate, and almond, to savoy ham and cheese, but it’s hard to say no to breakfast cake.

Sift Dessert Bar
Photo: Courtesy of Sonoma County Tourism

Sift Dessert Bar

Sift got the nation’s attention when owner, Andrea Ballus, won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Now, Ballus and her husband operate three Sift locations (Santa Rosa, Napa, and San Francisco) filled with colorful and tasty sweet stuff including cupcakes, macarons, mini-cakes, frosting shots and more.


West County and Sonoma Coast

Wild Flour Bread
Photo: Courtesy of Wild Flour Bread

Wild Flour Bread

140 Bohemian Highway, Freestone


A bit off the beaten track, you’ll know it was worth the trip to Wild Flour Bread in Freestone the moment you walk in the door and see plates loaded with scones and loaves of bread — straight out of the wood-fired brick oven — stacked high. Offerings can change day to day, but expect scone varieties like Maple Banana Pecan, Meyer Lemon Blueberry, and Strawberry Rhubarb. Breads range from Olive, and Garlic Rosemary, to the Gouda Flat with gouda, onion and herbs. The Sticky Bun bread is not to be missed and perfect to share, or not. We won’t tell.

Stewarts Point Shore
Photo: Courtesy of Stewarts Point Store

Stewarts Point Store

32000 Highway 1, Stewarts Point


Be thankful for the big blue fish on the side of the building that makes it hard to simply drive by. Stewarts Point Store is home to Twofish Baking. Along with scones, sticky buns, bear claws, and Danish pastries, the market offers a selection of candies you likely loved as a kid. 

An assortment of the best desserts in Sonoma County: delightful ice cream sandwiches with various types of cookies and flavors. The cookies include chocolate chip and oatmeal, and the ice cream comes in vanilla and chocolate, with some dipped in chocolate and colorful sprinkles.
Photo: Courtesy of Screamin' Mimi's

Screamin’ Mimi’s

All of the ice cream and sorbet is crafted in small batches at Screamin’ Mimi’s. Same goes for the hot fudge, caramel sauce, waffle cones, whipped cream.. you get the idea. The most popular flavor is called Mimi’s Mud. It’s espresso ice cream with cookies, fudge, and chocolate chips. Enough said.

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