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Just 200 miles northeast of San Francisco lies a year-round playground called Lake Tahoe. So whether it’s views of snow-capped mountains or deep blue alpine lakes that do it for you, Lake Tahoe has it all. A haven for skiiers, snowboarders, snowshoers alike, Tahoe is home to Palisades ski resort (previously Squaw Valley), the 1960 Winter Olympics host, Alpine Meadows, Heavenly Valley, and more, with altitudes between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. 

In the summer, the generous shoreline and trail system lends itself to hiking, backpacking, mountain biking and, of course, getting out on the water—be that paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, boating, yatching, or scuba diving. However, don’t be fooled by the light blues—especially in Emerald Bay—the water looks deceivingly tropical, but is fed by snow melt.

Tahoe offers over 500 restaurants and a wide range of accommodations—from small hotels that dot the area, especially at King’s Beach, to the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe at Northstar offers ski-in, ski-out rooms.

*Things change, so please check in with the organizers of these events for details.


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Photo: Courtesy of Katey Hamill

Ring in the new year with live music, alpenglow, the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival, and the magic of Tahoe’s snowy peaks. You can’t go wrong with a visit to Tahoe in January.

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Palisades-Tahoe-Annual Events-February-credit @palisadestahoe-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @palisadestahoe

Lake Tahoe skiing is in full swing, so the majority of events in Lake Tahoe are going to be in and around the South Lake Tahoe casinos.

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north lake tahoe snowfest-Tahoe-Annual Events-March-credit North Lake Tahoe SNOWFEST Facebook-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of North Lake Tahoe SNOWFEST

Come out to Snowfest, North Lake Tahoe’s 10-day winter carnival with numerous events and activities celebrating the Lake Tahoe winter scene.

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WinterWonderGrass Festival-Tahoe-Annual Events-April-credit WinterWonderGrass Festival Facebook_John-Ryan Lockman © WinterWonderGrass Festival-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of John-Ryan Lockman © WinterWonderGrass Festival

In front of sold-out crowds, WinterWonderGrass takes place in a comfortable venue at the base of the ski mountain and features over 20 different artists.

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Tahoe Adventure Company-Tahoe-Annual Events-May-credit Tahoe Adventure Company Facebook-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of Tahoe Adventure Company

The birds are chirping, the sun is warming and the snow is melting. Basically, spring is here and with it farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts, and festivals.

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Tahoe City Solstice Festival-Tahoe-Annual Events-June-credit @VisitTahoeCity-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @VisitTahoeCity

Aside from amazing events and activities, Tahoe City’s Solstice Festival attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy convenient lake access, award-winning artists, wonderful restaurants, charming shops, and galleries.

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Lights on the Lake-Tahoe-Annual Events-July-credit @VisitLakeTahoeOfficial-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @VisitLakeTahoeOfficial

Somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 people will visit Tahoe South to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day with Lights on the Lake Fireworks, the largest synchronized fireworks display west of the Mississippi.

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Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival-Tahoe-Annual Events-August-credit The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival Facebook-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival brings the bard to life on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Performing a series of Shakespeare classics and introducing more contemporary works, audience members take their seats on the beach overlooking the gorgeous.

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Lake Tahoe Autumn Food _ Wine Festival-Tahoe-Annual Events-September-credit @Northstar-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @Northstar

The Lake Tahoe Autumn Food & Wine Festival is the premier 3-day food and wine event in the region. Expect cooking classes, wine tastings, outdoor adventures, and the finale Grand Tasting.

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Halloween Parade-Tahoe-Annual Events-October-credit @tdrpd -800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @tdrpd

Celebrating Halloween in North Lake Tahoe, California can be a spooky yet exciting time to vacation with your family. Here’s a list of amusing things to do in North Lake Tahoe during Halloween.

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Heavenly Village-Tahoe-Annual Events-November-credit @visitheavenlyvillage-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @visitheavenlyvillage

Ideally located in the heart of Lake Tahoe’s South Shore in the Heavenly Village, the Heavenly Village ice skating rink is perfect for the entire family. Kids can ice skate while parents go shopping or enjoy great restaurants.

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Northstar-Tahoe-Annual Events-December-credit @Northstar-800x450
Photo: Courtesy of @Northstar

Many of the celebrations are kid-friendly, so bring the whole family to Lake Tahoe for New Year’s fun. Note: local guidelines vary depending on if you’re on the California side of the border or the Nevada side.

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Event Venues

Looking to see what’s happening right now in Tahoe? Our comprehensive list of venues across the city below will help you find what you need to know what’s going on.

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