The Getties — as in “getaways” — are our selections for best places to stay, best places to eat and best things to do in various categories and regions. These picks have been selected by our team, our regional editors and award-winning writers.

 Whether you’re skiing, hiking, boating or gambling — you’re going to need fuel to keep you going. Here’s a list of all our favorite places to eat in Tahoe.

Looking for the most romantic, most luxurious, best value, best places to take a group (wedding, family reunions or just a well deserved girls trip?) Browse below and find stays that fit whether you're looking for the ultimate in luxury or a great bargain.

There’s just so much nature to enjoy in Tahoe! And it’s not just about the snow, though the skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing opportunities are nothing to sneeze at. With 71 miles of shoreline, hiking and biking trails abound. Rent motor boats, fishing boats, jet skis, kayaks, even head out for a cruise on a yacht.

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