Be Kind to the Planet — Ways to Offset Your Travels

Be Kind to the Planet — Ways to Offset Your Travels

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As we travel to new places far and wide we want to make sure to do our part to keep our impact small. Even when we try our hardest to reduce our footprint, the cars, planes, or boats we use to get around create carbon pollution. Carbon offsets allow individuals and companies to reduce carbon emissions elsewhere through supporting projects and organizations involved with reforestation and renewable energy development. Here are some of our favorite organizations that make it easy for you to calculate your footprint and offset your impact.

The image showcases the logo of the company "Clear." The word "clear" is written in lowercase black letters. Above the letter "l," six circular dots form an arch transitioning from dark gray to light blue, symbolizing a reduction in carbon footprint.


Want to get specific when calculating your footprint? Clear allows you to breakdown your daily footprint into categories like commuting, internet, that motorcycle day trip and more. They also offer ways to buy offsets to support one of their 14 third party verified projects around the world. 

A logo featuring a cloud outline in light blue followed by the text "myclimate" in bold black letters. Below it, in smaller black letters, the slogan "shape our future" is displayed, emphasizing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.


myclimate is super user friendly and allows you to calculate your personal footprint from traveling activities, shopping, and more and offers project-specific offsets to purchase so you can choose exactly where your donation goes. 

A logo featuring a circular mosaic pattern in shades of yellow and blue, resembling a stylized sun, followed by the words "native energy" written in lowercase letters. The word "native" is in blue and "energy" is in orange. The background is white, symbolizing reduced carbon footprint.

Native Energy

NativeEnergy’s easy to use interface allows you to calculate your footprint from travel, everyday commuting, and more and purchase carbon offsets to that help support reforestation projects. They are a public benefit corporation and all of their projects are verified by the third party organizations like Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, Climate, Plan Vivo, Verified Carbon Standard, and the American Carbon Registry.  

The image features a simple green outline of a tree seedling with two leaves, emerging from a mound of soil. To the right of the seedling, the text "ONE TREE PLANTED" is displayed in bold green capital letters, emphasizing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that specializes in reforestation and conservation efforts around the world, focusing on improving water quality and protecting biodiversity. Their carbon offset program allows you to calculate your footprint from travel to basic household emissions and donate to a tree planting project to compensate. 

The SeaTrees logo consists of a stylized tree icon and the text "SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf." The tree icon features two leaves with a central stem, resembling an abstract tree. Emphasizing its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint, the logo appears on a blurred green and dark background.

Sea Trees

Sea Trees allows you to mitigate your climate impact by helping restore coastal ecosystems. By purchasing a carbon sequestration package, you can offset flying, driving, even your yearly carbon footprint. Their projects range from planting mangrove trees to coral to restoring the California kelp forests.

Logo of Sustainable Travel International with a stylized camera lens icon on the left. The text reads "Sustainable Travel International" in green, and below it, the tagline "Making A Better World The Destination" in gray. The design subtly emphasizes reducing your carbon footprint through sustainable travel practices.

Sustainable Travel International 

Sustainable Travel International specializes in connecting you to carbon offset projects based on your travel emissions. Visit their website for a clear outline of how the carbon offset program works, how to calculate your personal footprint and the third party certified projects they support.

The Terrapass logo features a blue circular arrow design above the text "terrapass" in blue lowercase letters. Below this, the tagline "RESTORE THE BALANCE" is written in uppercase blue letters, emphasizing its mission to reduce your carbon footprint.

Terra Pass

Terrapass allows you to offset travel, tourism, and more with their variety of carbon offset bundles. Check out their EcoTourist bundle to travel a little more guilt free. Projects range from reforestation to renewable energy development, methane capture, and more.

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