Air of Earth: Handmade Jewelry

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Natasha RomanoffNatasha Catherine Romanoff creates her line of jewelry, Air of Earth, dedicated to the divine feminine in a vibrant studio surrounded by redwood trees in the heart of Marin County. Born and raised in Marin, a county known for spirituality and progressive mindedness, her childhood was filled with life lessons involving beaches, mountains and verdant open space of her surroundings. Going deeper into her past, her grandfather, Andrew Romanoff, was in line to be Czar of Russia, before the Bolshevik revolution, which resulted in his exile and childhood as a royal refugee in Windsor Castle before moving to the wooded haven of West Marin. Hence Air of Earth reflects both the lofty and the grounded aspects of Natasha’s world view. 

To create her one-of-a-kind pieces, Natasha sources her stones from all over the world and forges her pieces using recycled metals. Building on the foundation of her first metal-smithing apprenticeship, Natasha references an ethos where the artist has a connection to every step of the process. Each bend in the wire and every hammer on the anvil is done with intention, imbibing each piece with energy to create jewelry that feels alive and empowers the wearer.


Summer Sorceress

*  Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst and Aurora Opal
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: She harnesses the power of the sun.

Queen of the Four Directions

*  Amethyst and Monarch Opal
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: Harnessing the power of the North, South, East, and West.

Transits to the Sea

*  Aurora Opal and Swiss Blue Quartz
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: Gathering strength from the sea.


Supernova Pendant

*  Ruby, Monarch Opal and Moonstone
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: She is a force of light.

The Starseed Medallion

*  Aurora Quartz and Amethyst
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: Opening portals to divine knowledge.

The Sorceress Shield

*  Opalite, Amethyst and Monarch Opal
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: Shielded from that which does not serve her.


Dancing in the Starlight Earring Drops

*  Labradorite and Amethyst
*  Sterling Silver
*  Evocation: Play in the moonlight, sing to the stars.

Seaside Dangle Earrings

*  Ruby and Monarch Opal
*  Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
*  Evocation: Renewed by the ocean’s grace.

Custom Studs

*  Garnet, Amethyst and Amber
*  Sterling Silver

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