It’s difficult to explain the feeling you get walking through the misty old-growth forests of Redwood National Park without citing Alice in Wonderland. Like a verdant jungle, the coastal redwoods of Humboldt County are a multistoried affair, and its trees—the tallest living things in the world—are just the top layer.

Everything here seems immense and mysterious, as if from a prehistoric age: giant mushrooms and colorful mosses saturate the ground, 10-foot-tall ferns line the creeks, the ground is soft and eerily springy, and the smells are rich and musty. It’s so outsized and primeval you half expect to turn the corner and see a dinosaur munching on giant huckleberry bushes.

So make this is the year that you’re going to do that road trip you’ve always wanted to do. The one to California’s north coast so you can finally see the world’s tallest trees, take a scenic drive along the Avenue of Giants, and explore The Lost Coast.

~ Matthew Poole

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  • Location : 5 hours north of San Francisco
  • Submitted On : 03 Jan 2015