Add to the list of things you never knew existed in California’s Gold Country is a German Baptist apple farm and bakery  that makes the best apple turnover you’ve ever had (even their playground—complete with a miniature train—is road-trip-worthy).

And if you don’t quite care for hard apple cider, that’s because you’ve never been to Indigeny Reserve in Sonora, the most modern and beautiful cider house you’ve ever seen. This eco-friendly orchard oasis—and their extra dry reserve cider—will amaze you. Even dogs, which are welcome to roam free among the 160 acres of apple orchards, love it here.

So if it’s been a while since you’ve taken a road trip to the Gold County, now is the time to open your calendar and find the right weekend for a 4-day Gold Country & Yosemite getaway. You don’t even have to plan it—I just spent a week there and found all the best things to see and do for you.

Right then: Click on that big green button below and here we go.

~ Matthew Poole


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  • Submitted On : 17 Apr 2015