In the not-so-distant past, Carmel was regarded as a reclusive little seaside town with the sort of relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere that was conducive to such pursuits as photography, painting, and writing. Robert Louis Stevenson, Upton Sinclair, Ansel Adams—all found Carmel so peaceful and intellectually inspiring as to settle down here

Not anymore. The charmingly ragtag bohemian village of yesteryear has long since given way to a cute but conservative tourist mecca filled with yogurt parlors, T-shirt stores, and chichi House and Garden marts offering $600 ceramic geese and other essentials.

The funny thing is, no matter how crowded or expensive Carmel gets, nobody seems to mind. Enamored of the village’s eclectic dwellings, outrageous boutiques, quaint cafes, and silky white beaches, tourists arrive in droves during the summer to lighten their wallets and darken their complexions.

~ Matthew Poole

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  • Submitted On : 24 Jan 2015