Located in California’s high desert country, Bodie had a population of about 8,000 brave souls in 1879 and a lurid history of stagecoach holdups, robberies, killings, gambling, prostitution, saloons, and dance halls. During one brief lull in the action, the local newspaper commented that “Bodie is becoming a summer resort—no one killed here last week.”

During its heyday the town bustled with horse-drawn wagons filled with lumber, and daily stage coaches carrying bars of gold bullion guarded by men with sawed-off shotguns. Some $32 million in gold was mined in Bodie’s hills during the area’s short but intense zenith.

After the mines played out, the town went into decline, and by 1882 most of the townsfolk had moved on, seemingly overnight. The State of California took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park, and today Bodie is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in America, designated a National Historic Site that is maintained in a state of “arrested decay,” which means the remaining buildings are preserved but not rebuilt or changed in any way.

~ Matthew Poole


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