­When it comes to fancy restaurants, accommodations, and boutiques, Bodega Bay has a long way to go. There is only one three-star lodge and restaurant, the beautiful Bodega Bay Lodge, and the town’s most venerable store sells taffy and kites.

Which  is odd, considering Bodega Bay is only a few hours’ drive from the Bay Area, a good two to three hours closer than Mendocino, and has all the beautiful scenery and golden beaches you could possibly hope for. Spend a few hours meandering through town and it becomes apparent that Bodega Bay is, for the most part, still a working-class fishing village.

Most people start their day before dawn—mending nets, rigging fishing poles, and talking shop. But if all you want to do this weekend is breathe in some salty air and couldn’t care less about Gucci boutiques and dancing till dawn, come to Bodega Bay—ain’t much here, which is precisely the point.

~ Matthew Poole

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