Gorgeous Fall Getaways to Sonoma Wine Country

Picture yourself cruising in your car on a sunny afternoon along the winding backroads of Sonoma Wine Country. It’s the fall season, the air is brisk and crystal clear, and as far as the eye can see are harvested vineyards blazing with colors of autumn: bright yellows, fiery reds, vibrant golds. There’s a science to […]

The Fab 4 March Festivals in Sonoma Wine Country

During the month of March, four of my favorite (and that’s not hyperbole people—these events are amazing) wine & food events are taking place in Sonoma Wine Country, which gives you four great excuses to hop in the car for a romantic road trip through the vineyards. Take a look below, then open your calendar and start planning your March getaway to Sonoma Wine Country.

The Sonoma Coast: Your 4-Day Dream Getaway

I’m always amazed at how few Californians have spent time exploring the Sonoma Coast, or even knew that Sonoma County has 76 miles of gorgeous, pristine coastline. If you’re one of those people, then it’s high time you spent a long weekend exploring one of the prettiest regions of the state, brimming with golden beaches, […]

Gift-Buying Getaways to Sonoma Wine Country

I’ve already done your holiday shopping for you. You’re welcome. All you need to do is book one of Sonoma Wine Country’s weekend getaway deals, stop by a few places I recommend while wine tasting (hey, you’re a giver), and you will be everyone’s favorite gifter this Christmas. I promise. So why not add some wine tasting and spa treatments to your holiday shopping schedule? There are worse ways to spend a weekend.

Fun & Affordable River Getaways to Sonoma County

If you’re not quite ready for summer to come to an end, and you feel the need to squeeze in one last sun-filled getaway, I have a recommendation you’re going to like: a road trip to the river communities of Sonoma County. If you’ve already been to Sonoma Wine Country you probably went wine tasting or drove along the coast, but when’s the last time you set out to explore the three rivers that flow through Sonoma County? If you do, I can promise you that many of your sentences will start with “Wow, I never knew….” – Matthew

Seafood Hotspots along the Sonoma Coast

Seafood Hotspots along the Sonoma Coast

One of my oldest memories as a kid was piling the family into our dad’s Volkswagen bus and driving from Sacramento to Bodega Bay every December to load up on Dungeness crab. We would set up camp at Doran Regional Park, then spend the next couple of days feasting on fresh crab, cioppino, clam chowder, fish-n-chips, and as much salt water taffy as we could choke down. Now older and saner, I usually opt for a warm and cozy suite at the Bodega Bay Lodge, but the holiday tradition continues: When crab season opens in December, we head to the Sonoma Coast.

Gourmet Getaways – The Cheesemakers of Sonoma County

Say Cheese! I know, it’s a tired phrase, but so many of us here in the Bay Area are food-obsessed and can’t get enough of the creamy chevres, sharp cheddars, and herbaceous triple crèmes produced in the region. Lucky for us, more and more “swoonable” cheeses (as I like to refer to them) are made […]

Anderson Valley: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

An Anderson Valley winemaker once told me, “If you see redwoods growing, Pinot Noir can’t be far away.” Thanks to the cooling influence of the fog that follows the Navarro River through much of Anderson Valley, grapes like Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer are able to flourish amongst vast groves of verdant redwoods. It’s one of […]

Pet-Friendly Getaways – Sonoma Wine Country

There are few places in California that are prettier right now than springtime in Sonoma County. Vineyards are awakening with leafy canopy, blazing yellow mustard flowers are in full bloom, and goats and sheep—nature’s lawn mowers—are busy grazing upon vibrantly green hills and pastures. And who better to share these harbingers of summer and good […]

Secrets of Sonoma IV – Summer Adventures in Sonoma County

Secrets of Sonoma IV – Summer Adventures in Sonoma County

I get it. We need the water. But enough with the rain already. My skis are stowed in the basement, which is the official sign that I’m ready for summer—and I’m betting you are too. So for the fourth and final edition of my Secrets of Sonoma series, I’m covering all of my favorite summer […]