Big Sur’s Best Secrets

You know it’s there, and you know you’ve been wanting to go, yet when’s the last time you’ve taken a weekend getaway to Big Sur? That’s what I thought. So to help entice you to do the right thing for your body and soul, I’ve put together an insider’s list of my Top 10 favorite things to see and do in Big Sur.

As a Californian you have the rare opportunity to be within driving distance of one of the prettiest places on the planet, so grab the opportunity, regardless of your busy schedule. Find a free weekend in your day-planner, book one of our hotel deals near Big Sur, and make this happen…

Post Ranch Inn Big Sur

The Super-Luxury-Seven Hotels of Northern California

We’ve all stayed at nice a hotel during our vacation, but when’s the last time you stayed at a hotel that was so special it was the vacation? The seven Northern California hotels listed below offer that sort of experience. Yes, they’re expensive, but you can’t put a price on a lifetime of fond memories. […]

Two Perfect Days in Pacifica

If you haven’t been to Pacifica in a while, you haven’t been to Pacifica. It’s changed. What was once the place you drove through to get somewhere else is now the place you want to visit. Over the past few years, Pacifica—a mere 15-minute drive south of San Francisco—has experienced an influx of seriously talented chefs, musicians, artists, and educators who have traded the hectic city life for the far more tranquil surroundings of this seaside community.


Huntington Beach ~ Surf City USA

Huntington Beach dominates the California coast with 10 miles of uninterrupted beach bliss. A mixture of classic California surf scene and modern outdoor malls where cliques of teens coexist with families, Surf City USA continues to lure surfers who still flock here, drawn by Huntington’s legendary place in surf lore. Hawaiian-born George Freeth is credited with […]

The Queen Mary

A Stay Aboard The Queen Mary

If you’ve ever been to Long Beach you’ve probably seen it from a distance—the majestic RMS Queen Mary, one of the most beautiful ocean liners ever built and a pristine time capsule of Art Deco artistry. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Queen Mary was officially retired from service in 1967 and […]